Lost Girl: Body-Swapping Musical Chairs

Lost Girl S02E9: "Original Skin"

Lost Girl's characters didn't have much fun this episode, but it was clear that the writers (and actors) did. I really liked this one, too—it's hard not to smile when you're watching people having such a blast on screen. It's like arriving to a kid's birthday party just as all the little ones start to trip out on too much cake.

Everybody somehow wound up at Trick's bar...for bingo night...where there were no other customers. Let's not question it, let's just move on. A psychotic killer broke in and poisoned the beer so that everyone in the bar, which by then included a gruff bounty hunter named Woods, got trapped in each other's bodies. Except for Trick, who apparently hated his own beer enough not to drink it. Awfully convenient, that—but again, this episode was not about plot so much as it was about getting to see Kenzi-in-Dyson prancing around like a drag queen and witnessing Ciara and Bo having a serious heart-to-heart in the bodies of Hale and the bounty hunter. The name tags were also inspired (and convenient!).

So which mix-up was you're favorite? Let's break them down one at a time, and since the coming Olympics are making me feel competitive, I'll go ahead and name a winner!


Loved seeing the big burly bounty hunter walk around with Bo's Succubus-style delicate stroll. That actor nailed Bo's mannerisms. It was particularly great seeing Bo and Kenzi gossip when both were in manly man bodies. However, this team was really brought down by Woods-in-Bo. Anna Silk was hard on a Southern accent, y'all. She's a great actress when she's playing Bo, but every time she opened her mouth I winced. Bo-in-Woods brought a lot to this pair but for me, Woods-in-Bo really dropped the ball.


Hale-in-Ciara didn't get to do much, since Woods-in-Bo succubused him pretty early on. But he still got a chance to feel himself (or Ciara's body) up, which I'm pretty sure made it all worth it for Hale. Ciara-in-Hale was pretty good, especially during Ciara's talk with Bo. Those two were going to have to talk it out at some point—what with Ciara's sleeping with Dyson, who used to be in love with Bo, and Bo's still being kind of in love with Dyson even if she doesn't want to be. It's not exactly something you can just ignore without a boatload of passive-aggressive behavior. I'm just glad they got to talk while full of testosterone: It made the conversation so much more entertaining. Unfortunately, since Hale-in-Ciara was out of commission, Ciara-in-Hale was just not strong enough to carry the team.


There really wasn't a Lauren-in-Reynard, since Lauren's soul was the loser in this game of musical chairs, and had to float around unseen for most of the episode. But oh my goodness, wasn't Reynard-in-Lauren fantastic?! Maybe this is sadistic of me, but I really want Lauren to go totally crazy now. She's so good at it! I was really surprised how close Reynard-in-Lauren came to killing the Ash, though. I know Lauren's allowed into his inner circle and everything, but I thought the Ash would be a little more guarded. And after everything he's been putting Lauren through lately, the dude ought to be worried that she's ACTUALLY going to try to murder him. Even without the appearance of Lauren-in-Reynard, Reynard-in-Lauren was so good that I might be tempted to give this pair the win, if it weren't for...


The clear winners. These two were on fire. Ksenia Solo nailed Dyson's "I want to kill you" gaze, especially when Dyson-in-Kenzi saved the Ash from Reynard-in-Lauren. That was amaaaazing. And it was hilarious how Kenzi-in-Dyson kept acting like she/he was a small woman, like when she/he slammed a chair onto the ground and accidentally broke it. Kenzi does not know how to be a big muscular man. All good things must end, but I was honestly sad to see these two go back into their original bodies. Couldn't they have stayed swapped for the rest of Season 2, at least? If only.

In other news, Bo got another visit from the creepy little girl, who identified herself as the Nain Rouge. She alluded to disaster yet again, but this time got a little more specific: Unless Bo can stop it, the Fae will go extinct and Trick will die (which you'd think would be a part of the Fae going extinct, but whatever). Honestly, I am getting a little sick of this whole, "SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! ALMOST THERE!" mentality Lost Girl has been putting us through for the last few weeks. It's taking me out of the overarching plot completely. But... if there absolutely has to be a another filler episode, I'll take body-swapping musical chairs any day.


1. Which was your favorite mix?

2. What's up with the Ash's head-in-a-box?

3. .I haven't been paying attention, but have there been any scenes of Trick drinking the beer before? Because I feel like he must have had some at some point.

4. Does Reynard's ability to escape from the Dark Fae mean that they're having some internal problems over there?

5. When is this big bad evil thing going to show up already?

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1. Easily Kenzi and Dyson. For starters those two are my favorite characters of this series, but they both NAILED each other's mannerisms, down to blinking. It was magical...and absolutely hilarious. I loved it. Kris Ried looked like he was having a fantastic time playing Kenzi stuck in Dyson. I mean the gyrating and feeling himself up and animated expressions and downright glee...hilarious.

2. I don't know. I don't even know if I care honestly.

3.You'd think right?

4. Don't they always have internal problems? I hope he gets out and possesses Lauren again. That was the only time I was thoroughly entertained by her character! That girl does crazay good.

5. I don't know.

This episode rocked and was thoroughly entertaining mostly because of the fab Kenson, Denzi?Whatever. Those two were fantastic. I love the bond that they share and the scene they shared together after they got their bodies back...so cute.
Kenzi and Dyson were *THE BEST*
The ol' body switcheroo episode. Quickly I can remember two examples in which they used the same ploy: Eureka and Warehouse 13. It seems TV writers have definitely run out of ideas.
I think Trick's line was a joke, as he said. After all, the blood was only added to the beer a short while before they realized it... I doubt a bartender is going to be constantly drinking... especially if he's the only employee.

Though it does bring up a solid point: I don't recall ever seeing him drink beer. Then again, I don't know how often I see a regular bartender having a drink either so I guess it's not a common thing
Kenzi-in-Dyson was funny... the little dance, the wolf junk, just about everything. I'm sure the actor had a blast just acting all crazy and flamboyant.

Dyson-in-Kenzi was OK. It was boring, but Dyson in general is a dark brooding persona so I was expecting that. The actress did a good job with it (chilling to see the actress go all dark-side) but for the most part not very interesting.
I loved the Kenzi and Dyson swap, I nearly died from laughing. I loved this Ep.
kenzi and dyson...

i laughed so hard when kenzi-in-dyson was dancing around

1. Kenzie/Dyson was the BEST.

2. - 5. Pass. I've seen all of season 2 and don't want to spoil anything.

This was hands down my favourite episode of season 2.
1. YES!
Kenzi-in-Dyson: "Uh, Bobo, I got the wolf junk, babe!" Genius!
Now that is how you do a bottle episode. The actors got to play around and it still furthered the story of Bo and what is going on behind the scenes. This show really is just good. Loved it.


1. I have to go with Kenzi and Dyson of course. They were perfect. Bo being the bounty hunter was great as well.

2. My guess is the Ash really isn't the Ash or that he was a twin and someone cut the others head off and it might have something to do with Lauren's girlfriend which could explain why he is keeping her so close. Either way, I didn't see that coming and it was pretty cool.

3. I think most of the scenes he has had a drink it was whisky.

4. I am not sure it was established that he escaped from the dark fae itself. Or an asylum that they keep even ones they think are crazy in. But I would imagine both have internal problems.

5. I am not sure. It might already be there. It might simply be Bo. Let's expand of that. The harbinger of doom said that they fae were going to go extinct soon. Bo, is neither side. Which is good and bad. Good because she is independent and on her own. Bad, because she hates both sides. Trick and the rest of them are still keeping something from her. The harbinger eluded to it when she called Bo, Isabo, and Trick reacted to that name. We have also seen what Bo is truly capable when she sucked everyone in the room from the last episode. And apparently she is hungry enough that even the bounty hunter couldn't keep it in check. So my guess is that Bo is the big bad and she because she hates both sides could potentially be the death of them all. And trick is trying to keep her away from that by not telling her who or what she truly is. Just a theory.

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