Lost Girl: Election Day

Lost Girl S02E02: "I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)"

Being a Fae really stinks. Lost Girl has touched on this notion before, but it's never been as obvious as it was in Monday's "I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)."

Most fantasy stories involve an element of wish fulfillment. Teenage girls read Twilight and want to be/fall in love with vampires. Kids read The Chronicles of Narnia and want to set out on adventures with talking animals. But considering the world of Lost Girl, if you'd choose being Fae over being human, you've got issues. Sure, Fae feed off humans, but with all their ridiculous rules, ceremonies, and backstabbings, it just doesn't seem worth it.

The Blackthorn, a member of the Light Fae's elders, actually put it nicely: All Fae feed off humans. The Light Fae do it because they have to, and the Dark Fae do it because they want to. What he didn't have to add was that this makes their existence a pretty brutal one. Most Fae customs involve some form of violence, right down to their elections. We have yet to see a Fae wedding, but I can only imagine it involves death and destruction. No matter which side you're on, and no matter how high up you are, being a Fae means you're constantly a target.

Consider the Ash: One day he was sashaying around his marble palace as if on top of the world, and the next, a bomb went off in his library. Not only did that put him in critical condition, it also got him fired! The Fae need to form a union in the worst way. Naturally, the method of selecting a new Ash, as we witnessed in last night's episode, involves killing a volunteer prisoner. Because voting alone would be way too civilized. Meet Sabine, the sacrificial lamb of sorts:

Last night's ritual of replacing the Ash actually seemed incredibly easy to cheat at, to the point that I wondered why they didn't just draw a name out of a hat. Bo, being Bo, was drawn into the drama when Sabine, the metaphorical stag in the stag hunt, begged her to let her see her beloved one last time. Unable to do exactly that, Bo decided she'd just go ahead, cheat the system, and try to keep Sabine alive. 

At first, I wondered how she could possibly do it. But as her plan unfurled, I began to question why Fae don't pull stunts like this every single year. During the voting, Bo succubused as many competitors as she could. She didn't even bother to hide the bodies. But it was fine, because at any extremely important political event people will trip over unconscious bodies and move on as if nothing happened. Granted, I've never been to a fancy political shindig (closest I ever got was student government day in high school), but I have a feeling that even if there was just one body on the floor, it would be a bit of an issue—it might even create a stir.

So here's another bad part about being Fae: If you pass out at a party, no one will try to help. Instead, you become a rug accessory.

I will say it was nice to see Hale do something last night besides computer research. He actually got to do some political maneuvering! And also run around with a bow! When I write it out it doesn't sound like much, but it was still nice to see Lost Girl do more with this woefully underused character than it usually does.

After the voting concluded, the three Ash-hopefuls with the most votes picked up bows and arrows and went off to hunt Sabine. But this part was just as easy to manipulate as the voting element. Bo and friends seemed to have no trouble sneaking onto the grounds to help Sabine. Was there even a fence? I didn't see one. Why doesn't every competitor bring underlings to help out? Where are the rules?! Who's refereeing this thing? Bo couldn't have been the first one to think of this. She's not that smart.

Even after Sabine got shot, nobody seemed to notice that there were a number of people standing around who shouldn't have been there. Bo and her crew were greeted with a mere, "Oh, you came to help the stag? That's cool, but too bad you failed." I mean, had they been trying to help Hale win, would that have been an issue? Or was it okay because they were just a bunch of do-gooders?

Going back to how much it stinks to be Fae, that poor needled-to-death Ash wannabe! All she wanted to do was run for office, and now she's full of holes! For all we know she was going to open Fae orphanages and animal shelters and give everybody free ice cream cones. Being a Fae is terrible!

If the whole contest was an elaborate, rigged plan to select the most underhanded Fae of all to be Ash, it appears to have worked. The new Ash seems like a complete douche. I guess the Fae pretty much never get benevolent leaders, but that's probably because their succession rituals have way too much in common with The Hunger Games


– How is the new Ash going to affect Bo? Nightmare, or only a slight annoyance?

– Would you have voted for Hale to be the next Ash? Is it because of the hat?

– How awesome of a name is Blackthorne?

– Should Bo get over Dyson or keep trying? Or are you feeling kinda done with that whole storyline?

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Bo should not give up on Dyson, she should just address the root of the problem, the Norn contract, rather than whining about how Dyson isn't trying. In a magical world, there are magical solutions to magical problems. Find something else the Norn wants more, find her weakness, and give it a twist, or talk to other Norns and dish about how badly her hair looks. Do some bleeding research.
If anyone wants to know what happens either go to one of the tube site's or message me a GOOD joke. Not some common joke either it must be GOOD it can be dirty i don't care as long as it makes me spit my drink all over my keyboard while reading it. ;)

I have seen all of season 2 already and the guy is a douche, but he has a good reason for being this douche. I won't give anything away but he's not who he really appears to be. He is a good leader and does what needs to be done no matter what is at risk. And BTW the season finale is freaking awesome. Can't wait to see what season 3 holds.
I can already see how this new Ash is gonna be a douche. Fun episode
Bo should mover on, the new ASH will make Bo's life a living hell, Hal as ASH I don't think so
I think the new Douche Ash will most likely be problematic for Bo. I mean they set it up for that. There can only be so much drama in the world as it was last season. So they need him to create and add plots.

Yes I would have voted for Hale. Yes for the hat. More for he is the most underused guy in the whole show and really shouldn't be. His far power is simple and debilitating to everyone and he doesn't have to get close to them. He should be used more. But with more him, Bo would be needed less. So I understand why he isn't used. But then why have the character in the first place. Hopefully there will be more of Hale in future episodes now that we know he is some kind of Royalty. Because I imagine the whole Bo/Dyson thing will get old quick.

Bo is a succubus she needs to get over it. I have no issue with the whole tension between them coming up for air every once in a while and bring the tension to the forefront. But it can't be underlying every single episode. There is far more mystery in the background to fill air time then to have to hash and rehash it again.

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