Lost Girl: Enter the Garuda

Lost Girl S02E13: "Barometz. Trick. Pressure"

In hindsight, a lot of this season's so-called "filler" episodes have been necessary to get us to where we are now. Lachlan was introduced and established as a jerk, Dyson and Ciara got together, and we found out about Lauren's girlfriend and her curse. But the show really took its sweet time in establishing all that, wouldn't you say? It definitely feels like Season 2 is just getting started.

Last week's episode was plot heavy, and that continued with "Barometz. Trick. Pressure." It was awesome! I usually prefer Lost Girl's random monster, but I actually really liked this episode. There were two main storylines: Bo's and Trick's.

Trick's Story:

Having had enough with all the mysterious hints that something big and bad was coming, Trick took advantage of the Blood Moon, the one night where he can see a vision of the future, to find out what was going on. In the course of his preparations, he visited an old flame, Wai Lin, for some sweet hallucinogens. During the meeting, Wai Lin used her abilities to get Dyson to admit that he didn't love Ciara. Dun dun dunnnnn. Nothing really came of the revelation in this episode, but I can only imagine it will.

So Trick received his vision as requested, but instead of seeing the future, his dead wife came to talk to him. The drive-in screen behind them that projected their actions throughout the vision was a really awesome touch. It was subtle, but it made the scene feel dreamlike and ominous. Trick's late wife tried to persuade him to use his blood to undo the Fae laws he wrote. And she almost got away with it, too, until Trick realized his real wife would never do that. The jig was up, so wifey disappeared and a mysterious man got out of a parked car...

And he was the villain! THE villain! You know, the big bad evil thing that's been hanging around all season! FINALLY!

He's a Garuda, or a creature that feeds on a Fae's anger and aggression the same way Fae feed on human emotions. Neat! It makes me wonder if there's some other creature out there that feeds on Garuda. Circle of life and all that. Anyway, this guy was mad at Trick for ending the Great Fae War, which was basically an all-you-can-feed buffet for the Garuda. So now he's coming for Trick, and it sounds like he's bringing friends.

But now let's digress for a moment to talk about Bo, because hers is the only other storyline that pertains to this theme—and this is the only theme that matters.

Bo's Story:

Lauren told Bo that she'd recommitted herself to Lachlan before taking off with Nadia on a trip. Smart move, that. This episode was already pretty sprawling, so having Lauren and Nadia around could have made it way too complicated. Bo, enraged by the news, sneaked into the Ash's compound to teach him a lesson. I'm not entirely sure if she intended to kill him, beat him up, or just yell at him for a while. But she was out to do something, and that's all that matters.

After Bo uncovered a bunch of severed heads that all looked like Lachlan, Lachlan himself came forward and revealed that he is a Naga—a snake Fae whose poison is the only way to hurt the Garuda. Holy convenient, Batman! Lachlan admitted that he'd been hunting the Garuda for centuries, but thought Bo was the only one who could truly defeat him. Apparently the Garuda can't be attacked outright, so Bo's Succubus abilities might be the only thing that can stop it.

I'm not sure how I feel about Lachlan's whole, "I was only torturing you and your friends to make sure your rage wouldn't overcome you" thing. The dude did some really nasty stuff to Lauren—and aside from that, he made a great villain. However, I did really enjoy the Lachlan/Bo sword fight, so I think I'll let it slide.

Everything Else:

With the plot finally unfolding, there were a lot of other details in "Barometz. Trick. Pressure" that just felt thrown in. I'm happy that Bo isn't the only roommate getting laid anymore, but Kenzi's romance with Nate felt very disconnected from the rest of the episode. And the shape-shifter storyline was completely unnecessary. Think about it, would the episode have gone any differently if Trick hadn't needed that blood-thickening ring? What was served by having Bo seduce the shape-shifter, other than to kill a few minutes?

Nonetheless, I'm excited for where this season is going. We've finally met this looming darkness we've been hearing so much about thanks to Trick's storyline, and we've figured out how to kill him thanks to Bo's storyline. I can't wait to see the two arcs collide. (Can I get a "next episode"?)


1. How do you feel about Lost Girl's upcoming move to Friday nights?

2. What do you think of Lachlan's sudden side shift?

3. What's Dyson going to do about the fact that he's moving in with a woman he doesn't love?

4. If you had multiple heads and someone cut them off, would you keep 'em around as souvenirs?

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