Lost Girl "Fae-nted Love" Review: Amnesia Wedding

Lost Girl S02E18: "Fae-nted Love"

I really hate when I throw a party and everyone comes late. I'm just sitting there, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the party to start. That's what Lost Girl is starting to feel like. The main characters are all ready for the Garuda to show up and start his whole death of the Fae thing. By this time, I think it's safe to say that fool is LATE. "Barometz. Trick. Pressure.," the episode where the Garuda promised Trick he'd be coming, was five episodes ago. The world was so different back then! The Olympics hadn't happened! The Colorado Massacre hadn't happened! I lived in a different state!

Which isn't to say this episode wasn't a whole lot of fun, because it was. In fact, it was probably one of my favorite Lost Girl episodes to date, simply because it was fun. Though I can't help but wonder, what on Earth is taking the Garuda so long?!

Despite her attempts to end things with Ryan, Bo called him to help her heal. For a Succubus, that means sex. During the healing process Bo's blood ended up on Ryan, and afterward he wanted to cuddle. Bo was confused but didn't think much of it, so she just kicked him out. Then he started sending her gifts, but weird gifts, like birds.

This was actually something I've been waiting for—Bo's relationship with Ryan having horrible consequences. Sure, these were more supernaturally induced consequences than I was expecting, but it was still nice to be right.

To keep Kenzi from asking too many questions about the bizarre gifts, Bo agreed to take a job from Kenzi's ex—the one we met in "It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away." His grandmother changed her will, leaving everything to a very strange church that operated out of a strip mall. Bo and Kenzi investigated, but Bo was caught by the church owner, who threw water on her. When Kenzi tried to help, Bo didn't remember her and ran away.

Awesome. Amnesia always makes a story more interesting. Of course, it all depends on what you do with it. It would be easy to have a relatively lame amnesia story, but Lost Girl wasn't having any of that. After leaving the church Bo ran into Ryan, who had been following her. He took advantage of her amnesia to convince her he was her boyfriend. When she bought it hook, line, and sinker, Ryan decided to take things even further. He asked her to marry him. Not knowing any better, Bo said yes.

Such a good place to take the amnesia! Two of the least matrimonially minded characters on television helicoptering off to the alter. A-MAZING!

But Bo decided that if she was getting married, she needed a puffy white dress. Leading to probably the best scene in this entire episode—zonked-out Bo getting fitted for a wedding dress while simultaneously talking about how much she loves Ryan (particularly his jacket, apparently), trying to remember her friends (Wolf Cop!), and seducing the seamstress.

Back home, Kenzi and Trick discovered that Bo's attacker was an Addonc, a water Fae. They went to his church and didn't find him, but they did find the address of the hotel where Bo and Ryan were staying. And why did the Addonc have that? Because Ryan called him to stop on by. After hitting on the seamstress, Amnesia Bo decided she wasn't ready to get married. But Blood-Tainted Ryan wasn't taking no for an answer, so he got the Addonc to erase Bo's memory again.

So there they were, Succubus and Loki, about to be married by a fake priest. I feel like there's an offensive joke in there somewhere.

Kenzi and Trick had to rush to break up the wedding, because Fae don't do quickie divorces, and for Fae, "quickie" means one thousand years. They arrived just in time, stopped the wedding, and got Bo to drink an antidote to the Addonc's water. With her memory restored, she explained Ryan's strange behavior. Trick knew a way to cure him, though he didn't say how he knew. They performed a ceremony, and got Ryan back to his sleazy, not-wanting-to-get-married-right-away self.

Bo put together that both her blood and Trick's blood have strange powers. Once they were back at the Dal, Bo confronted Trick about it. However, she told him that since they had to focus on fighting the Garuda, they could talk about it later. Because the Garuda is coming, people! We've got the chips and salsa all laid out, and he's gonna be here any minute! But I'm definitely getting to the point where if he was going to be this late, he really should have called to let us know. Is his cell phone out of battery or something?

Oh yeah, and Dyson defeated a suicide-inducing under Fae by being already dead inside. So... congrats? I guess? It's only so long before that guy starts wearing way too much eyeliner and writing really bad poetry.


– If you were Kenzi, how long would it take you to forgive Bo?

– Are lovebirds a sweet gift to woo someone, or just kind of weird?

– What's the etiquette if you've promised to destroy an entire race, but you find yourself running late?

– Do you like Dyson better now or did you prefer him when he still had emotions?

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Not that long. I mean seriously, look at the woman how could you stay mad at a woman that can swing a sword like that. They don't come around that often.

No, just weird. Very very weird. Here is your gift, don't forget to feed it.

I believe that is worth a text.

He wasn't as much as a Dbag when he had a heart.

Good episode.
Excuse my typing; I moved and my computer's not set up yet. I'm on my cell phone at the moment. Last night's ep was hilarious, especially the part where Bo was getting fitted for her dress! Those dressmakers thought she was bats**t crazy!


1. It would take me a minute to forgive Bo. After all, Ryan put Kenzi's man in jeopardy and caused her to be indebted to the Morrigan in the process.

2. If the couple had been together for a while (and not just bang buddies), then yeah, it'd be a sweet gift.

3. Uh..."Sorry for the inconvenience! I wanted to be fashionably late!" Then he can kick ass in style.

4. I REALLY miss the old Dyson.
I think even those that don't normally like Dyson prefer him when he could love. We all miss the old Dyson.
I will be so glad when the Morrigan gives Dyson back his emotion chip. Seems he's a lot more angsty than someone without emotions should be.
Shoot, I mean the Norn, not the Morrigan.

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