Lost Girl: Friendship Lessons From a Mongolian Death Worm

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Lost Girl S02E5: "BrotherFae of the Wolves"

Seeing all those flashbacks of Dyson this week got me thinking. In fifty years, the whole gang is going to look exactly the same as they do now, except for Kenzi and Lauren. I almost wish Lost Girl would fast-forward to when Kenzi's a smack-talking 80-year-old hitting on all the younger-looking Fae.

Outside of the flashbacks, we got an episode all about friendship.

Well, bro-ship, to be more specific. Cayden, Dyson's buddy from his days in a medieval mercenary wolf pack, came looking for some help tracking down a Mongolian Death Worm that was being sold on the black market. And if you can find three words that sound more awesome together than Mongolian Death Worm I would love to hear them, because my imagination is drawing a blank.

Lost Girl didn't invent the monster. A Mongolian Death Worm is a folk legend of the Gobi Desert, kind of like Big Foot or the Chupacabra. It's supposed to look like a giant blood-colored intestine.

Throughout the episode we learned via flashbacks why Dyson split from the pack. This storytelling structure meant that Dyson got screwed over by his friends twice in one episode. Ouch. In the past, Dyson's fellow wolf-mercenary buddies refused to help him stand up to their king for murdering one of their own, Stefan, over a woman. They then threatened to fight him if he even attempted to stand up to the king. Not wanting to hurt his pack mates, Dyson simply picked up and left.

In the present, Cayden used Dyson and Bo for his own schemes. The man selling the worm had been Cayden's partner, but when he double crossed Cayden, Cayden figured he could come out ahead by having Dyson help him steal the her back.

I say "her" because the Lost Girl version of a Mongolian Death Worm is actually an old lady who watches TV all day and kills people with her eyes. Niiiiice. I know what I want to be when I grow up!

After getting a serious wound from Dyson and watching his partner get vaporized by the Mongolian Death Worm (I refuse to abbreviate something so amazing), Cayden made a run for his van. Dyson found him, of course, but by then Cayden appeared to be dying. They shared a touching moment where Cayden admitted that he'd done wrong, which was marred significantly when he sneaked away and it turned out he had Stefan's widow, Ciara, tied up in the back of the vehicle.

To this day, shapeshifters everywhere have yet to understand the importance of bros before hos. For just one nickel a day, we can teach them not to screw over their friends for a pretty lady.

But the really sweet part of all this was that something started blossoming between Bo and Dyson. He couldn't feel romantic love for her anymore, but without that they're starting to become seriously good friends. Bo was the bro Dyson never had. The whole series Dyson has chided Bo for not following the rules of the Fae, but after this episode I'm thinking that's probably what he liked best about her. Dyson never had to worry that Bo won't have his back because some rule says she couldn't.

Unfortunately, part of being a bro means helping your bro save his girl. Dyson and Ciara have centuries of sexual tension raging in them, and this is going to hurt Bo more than a little.

Good thing Bo had Lauren, with her masses of cupcakes.


1. What happened to Kenzi's wigs? She always used to wear them when she and Bo went undercover. Did the Brownie stab all of them?

2. We didn't see much of Hale this episode. Was he off sulking about Dyson's new bromance?

3. What monster are you dying to see Lost Girl take on?

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