Lost Girl: Genie in a Music Box

Lost Girl S02E14: "Midnight Lamp"

Finally! An episode where the monster of the week actually had something to do with the season's big arc! After last week's reveal that the big bad villain is a monster called a Garuda, Lost Girl seems intent on raising the stakes each episode. This is awesome because I was getting a little sick of veiled hints and little girls with vague predilections of danger. Less talk, more danger!

In "Midnight Lamp" Lachlan assigned Bo to enslave a Djinn who could give them information about the Garuda. The Djinn was living as a film star, feeding off the adoration of her fans. Bo wasn't too happy about taking assignments from Lachlan OR about enslaving someone, but a Succubus trying to save the world has gotta do what a Succubus trying to save the world has gotta do.

To catch the Djinn, Bo needed to use an Aladdin-style lamp. Lachlan steered her toward Ryan—the bracelet-giver from "Masks." Ryan could provide a lamp that worked like a music box, but the instructions were too complicated so instead of trapping the Djinn solo, Bo wound up trapping herself, Ryan, and the Djinn inside the lamp. The Djinn wasn't too happy about being trapped and proceeded to try to kill them. Shocker! And since a Djinn can throw fireballs (or whatever those were), it was hardly ideal. 

Ryan was able to work the machinery of the lamp so that Bo could call Dyson (E.T. phone home?), who, conveniently, happened to be hanging out with Trick at the time. Trick told Bo that the only way to control a Djinn was to either use a lamp (clearly that method didn't work out) or brand it with something personal to the maker. Hmmm. Bo's a Succubus, right? That's a pretty personal mark to bear on another. So Bo gave branding a try by pretending to adore the Djinn. As we all know, the Djinn feeds on other people's adoration, so when Bo asked if she could kiss the Djinn, it assumed that it was about to get fed, big time. Little did the Djinn know, it would work the other way around. A love bite from a Succubus was certainly enough to count as a brand, so Bo was granted full command and control of the Djinn. No forever-slave for Bo, though—thanks to her morals the mark would eventually fade and the Djinn would be freed of her slavery.

I do wish we got to learn what the Djinn told Lachlan about the Garuda. I really hope he got SOMETHING out of her. It would be a huge waste of an episode if she didn't know anything useful.

After capturing the Djinn, Bo made two big decisions: one that was probably wise, and the other that was probably dumb. Wise choice: she told the Lachlan that she wouldn't be his champion—she would be his partner. Even if Lachlan's not as evil as he seemed at first, he's clearly not someone Bo should trust. His pro-slavery stance and insistence that sometimes you have to do horrible things "just because" are seriously unsettling. Bo was smart not to outright abandon him because as bad as he may be, he's critical to the destruction of the Garuda, who is obviously much worse. The way Lachlan kept emphasizing the word "champion" also made it seem like a champion is something of an official title—and I can only imagine that it has some very nasty strings attached. I'm curious to see if they go more into what being a champion entails, but even if they don't I'm sticking with the notion that Bo's choice to avoid it was a good one.

Her decision-making skills with Ryan, however, were not so good. He gave her a little speech about how amazing she was, and how he didn't expect anything from her, which was exactly what she wanted to hear. Never trust anyone who tells you exactly what you want to hear. Duh, it never ends well—especially if you're in a show about Fae. And his declaration that he doesn't have any baggage? Who doesn't have baggage? ESPECIALLY in a show about Fae! Despite the warning signs, Bo's been feeling pretty vulnerable since Dyson left her, so she let Ryan lead her in the Succubus waltz.

And poor Dyson, by the way. He talked to the Norn and found out that when she took his love for Bo it meant he couldn't love anyone. Whaaat? But I can't say I'm upset he's not with Ciara anymore. They made a strange match.

And an even poorer Kenzi... SHE WASN'T EVEN IN THE SHOW THIS EPISODE! Not cool. Though, to be totally honest, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was worried a Kenzi-less Lost Girl would lose both it's flare and vitality, but this was actually a pretty amusing episode, in spite of the loss.


... Ryan: Can Bo trust him, or should she have run for the hills the second she learned he was a Loki?

... What do you think of the way they did lamps? I thought it was a little cheap to just sub in music boxes, but I'd like to hear your opinion.

... If you were a Djinn who fed on human adoration, what profession would you choose? I feel like there's gotta be something more creative than movie star.

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