Lost Girl "Lachlan's Gambit" Review: The Naga's Got Nada

Lost Girl S02E20: "Lachlan's Gambit"

We're getting close to the end of the season, and since the plot is speeding up I figure I should throw out a spoiler warning before we go too far: If you haven't been watching and intend to, maybe save this review until you're caught up.

That said... I hate when a character dies for no reason, even if it's a character I don't really like. In real life people die randomly all the time. But that's the beauty of fiction—one can find comfort in the knowledge that each plot point will lead to the next with purpose, and as such nothing is completely random. “Lachlan's Gambit” had two big character deaths: one was well executed (no pun intended) ...the other was not.

Overall, this was a good episode. The excitement is finally starting to build as we wind down to the end of the season, but I have to admit—I'm still seeing warning signs that the end of this season may not be so satisfying.

The Garuda is really stepping up his game. It's about time, seeing as he's been pretty lazy throughout most of the season. But last night, he went in with the big guns—he sent berzerkers after Trick. Fortunately, Ciara happened to show up to help Bo and Hale fight them off, but it was too close for comfort for Trick.

Trick concluded that the Garuda must have had an agent inside Trick's circle. He quickly pin-pointed the likely double-agent—the mole-like Fae that had been working for Trick. (Gee, ya think?) After some morally ambiguous torture, the mole told Trick, Bo, and the others where the Garuda was hiding.

At this point Dyson came back after having talked to the Wolf Spirit—this great deity of werewolves who's supposed to be very trustworthy. The Wolf Spirit had some big news: Not only is Dyson the only one who can stop Garuda, but if he does he'll get his heart back. At the end of Season 1he traded his love for Bo to the Norn, which made him lose pretty much all feelings. So now that he has a shot at winning it back, his stakes are pretty high.

Bo was pleased to hear it—not so much about the heart stuff, but the her-not-being-the-champion stuff. She's been under a lot of pressure thinking she had to stop the Garuda, so she was delighted to hear that wouldn't be the case. It was kind of a selfish moment, I guess, but I don't all together blame her.

They made plans to attack the Garuda the next morning. Lachlan was worried this won't work, but without anyone knowing, sent all of his guards to help them. Trick made Hale promise to keep Bo safe.

What's war without romantic goodbyes disguised as random acts of passion? Accordingly, Ciara went to see Dyson for sex and knife-play the night before the attack, and he seemed to enjoy it despite his heartlessness. Lauren came to see Bo for some sexless cuddling, which was actually really sweet. Lauren was clearly still torn up about Nadia, especially since she's still got a blood stain in her kitchen. I've got to interject here... blood can't be that hard to get out of linoleum. Surely Bo could have at least hired a cleaning crew to deal with it.

By morning the gang was ready to follow each other through some tunnels to get to the Garuda's lair. And it totally wasn't a trap: When a hench-berzerker jumps out, threatens you, and then runs deeper into the labyrinth it means you're totally on the right track!

Meanwhile, the Ash called Trick and Lauren to come chill out. Oh, but just kidding! He really wanted them to help him stash away some of his venom because a Naga's blood is the only thing that can kill the Garuda.

Bo and company caught up with the hench-berzerkers, and shockingly, it was a trap. You totally got me, Lost Girl! The team ran smack-dab into even more hench-berzerkers, who lurked behind them with crossbows. When the Garuda finally appeared, it came out with big, fiery computer-generated wings! Okay, it was actually a lot cooler than I'm making it sound. He made them all fight amongst themselves, until Kenzi tried to attack him. And just as he was about to kill her, Bo and Ciara managed to stop the Garuda. Ciara's method was to take the hit for Kenzi. Girl got fire-clawed.

Lame. You're going to bring a character back out of the blue just to kill her off again? I mean, that really came out of nowhere. Killing off a character just to show that the situation is serious is so lazy. Lazier than a lazy Garuda, even.

After murdering Ciara the Garuda left and Bo realized that he was luring them and the Ash's guards away from the compound so Lachlan would be defenseless. Dyson told the others to go save the Ash and leave him to fight off the hench-berzerkers on his own. It was really nice of the hench-berzerkers to give them so much time to discuss their plans, and then also to let everyone but Dyson go even though they were totally outnumbered by the hench-berzerkers.

Before they could get back to the Ash's compound, the Garuda broke in and cut off Lachlan's head. He smelled Trick, who came out with two knives. Instead of fighting, Trick blew a whistle and the mole Fae from earlier dragged the Garuda into the ground. Lachlan actually planned for that to happen: The Garuda thought that with Lachlan gone he couldn't be defeated, but he didn't know about the vials Lauren took.

With the Garuda gone, Bo realized that Kenzi fell behind. Bo went back for her, only to find tiny Kenzi pushing a cart twice her size with an injured Dyson on top of it. What sweet hench-berzerkers! Not only did they let Dyson's friends get away, but they also refrained from killing him, and instead decided to just give him a good beating. It's like they're evil, but they really don't wanna overdo it.

Seeing Dyson in this bruised state convinced Bo that she now had to be the one to kill the Garuda, not Dyson. I'm not entirely sure why she came to this conclusion. I mean, Dyson couldn't kill the Garuda on his first try, but it wasn't like Bo would have it any easier.

Case in point: Lachlan's blood started coagulating, which meant that there might be no way to stop the Garuda. It also meant Lachlan died for nothing. Dun dun.... so just as the credits start to roll, I'm starting to wonder just how far this series is willing to take it next week. Will more characters die? And if Bo does manage to kill the Garuda, does that mean Wolf Spirit dude was a con artist or something? Or... just really bad at his job?

Still, the stakes throughout the entire episode were high enough to keep me interested even though there were a number of flaws that got in the way. It really makes me nervous that the last two episodes of the season might have even more shortcomings, and considering the low note that Season 1 ended on I'm not so sure my fears will be challenged. But here's hoping!

-What did you think of Ciara's death? Was it silly, or was it high time for her to go?
-Which Lost Girl character death has frustrated you the most so far?
-If you were the Garuda, what type of henchmen would you want?
-How long do you think is realistic for Lauren to grieve before allowing herself to do more with Bo than just snuggle?

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