Lost Girl: Liars, Liars

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Lost Girl S02E6: "It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away"

Remember how in Season 1 Bo used to make little speeches about how dreamy Dyson was, even though he was obviously keeping a hugely important secret from her? I used to feel so bad for her. But it's going to be hard to sympathize with Bo if she lets herself get played by everyone. This week, Dyson was busy with Ciara, and it started to feel like just about every other Lost Girl character stepped in to fill his role by playing with Bo's emotions. Which would you rather have: One lying, conniving, dreamy son-of-a-B you thought you could trust or a friend list full of them?

In "It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away," the Morrigan—the leader of the Dark Fae—called Bo for help. Last time we saw this dark sovereign was in the basement of a secret torture club. I was expecting her HQ to be similarly dark and evil. Instead, she chills out in a stylish highrise office with white walls and big windows that let in lots of light—pretty zen for a lady of her stature.

The setting definitely helped the Morrigan sell her “I'm not entirely evil! I'm just in love with a painter, please help!” routine. But the Morrigan's schtick was basically that she inspired artists so she could feed off their creativity, eventually driving them insane. This probably should have been a tip-off to Bo that the Morrigan's story wasn't entirely true; after all, when you're in love with someone you usually stop trying to drive them insane.

The painter in question, Joshua, had been painting the scene of Vex killing a vampire—as we saw in last season's "Vexed"—all over town. Since Joshua shouldn't have known about that, the Morrigan suspected a leak in her inner circle and wanted the unaligned Bo to go find him.

Bo should have said no, but the Morrigan had clearly done her research, and knew how to sweeten the deal. She didn't offer Bo money or power, but tell Bo that you're fighting for love, and she'll have a sword strapped to her back before you can say, “maybe you should be a little more skeptical.”

With the help of one of Kenzi's exes (who was not nearly as ridiculous as I'd hoped) Bo and Kenzi tracked down Joshua, who was painting the Morrigan in what's known as the "attack and kill" pose on the side of a building. Joshua was totally unhinged, and it seemed as though he was about to straight-up murder Bo and Kenzi until Vex showed up. Joshua managed to get away, but Vex took a go at manipulating Bo.

Vex wasn't as clever as the Morrigan; the only thing he could think to offer Bo was money. He suspected the Morrigan of using Joshua's paintings to undermine Vex's position with the Dark Fae elders—apparently he'd gone from being the Morrigan's favorite to being her competitor. Vex wanted Bo to hand Joshua over to him so he could get information out of the poor boy about the Morrigan's plans.

Vex's offer didn't necessarily work on Bo, but it did make her go back to the Morrigan and say she was out. Helping find a lost painter was one thing, but getting involved in Dark Fae politics was another. Good on ya, Bo! Oh, wait, until the Morrigan pulled out her trump card. Convincing Bo to help out with someone else's love life is already like shooting fish in a barrel, but offering to help Bo be with the one she wants? Girl didn't even have a chance. She would help the Morrigan in exchange for something that would free Lauren from the Ash.

But the Morrigan and Vex weren't the only ones playing Bo. Lauren was, too.

Yeah, yeah, she didn't mean it, she was just following her heart, blah, blah, blah. And okay, if you've got a girlfriend in semi-permanent slumber, I guess it makes sense that you might want to see other people on the side. But Lauren should have at least told Bo she had a girlfriend. If not the first time they slept together, then at least the second. Maybe Lauren had some great reason for keeping it a secret, but she didn't have to give Bo details. A simple, “Hey, there's someone else. I still really like you, though. Help me off with my pants?” would have sufficed. I don't really mind Lauren as a character, even though she's a little bland sometimes, but this was a poor way to treat Bo.

Bo and Kenzi managed to track down Joshua again. This time instead of trying to shoot them, he rambled about how he had to keep painting. Then he collapsed and started convulsing. They took him back to the Morrigan, who admitted she didn't love Joshua and had just been manipulating Bo. Then she gave Bo a little white box that she would save Natalie, which in turn would save Lauren. Natalie being Lauren's comatose girlfriend. Who Bo, at the time, did not know about. Ouch.

Full of despair, Bo went home to talk things out with Kenzi. The two realized that the situation with Joshua didn't make sense. When they put together photographs of the two paintings he did, they realized that what he was actually painting was the Morrigan killing Vex. Knowing that the Morrigan had a problem with one of her inner circle working against her—and remembering that Bianca, the Morrigan's assistant, had the ability to change human's motivations—they put it together that Bianca was going to kill Vex and frame the Morrigan.

The pair showed up just in time to save Vex from his brainwashed dominatrix—that would have been a way to go. But it turned out that while Bianca was playing everyone, she wasn't doing it for power, she just wanted to save all the artists the Morrigan was using. She's actually one of the few characters on Lost Girl to have entirely altruistic motives.

In the end, Lauren went back to the Ash to hang out with her frozen girlfriend, and Bo hopefully learned not to work for the Morrigan again.

I doubt it, though. That girl does not learn lessons fast.


... What do you think is in that little white box?

... If you were the Morrigan, where would your evil lair be?

... What do you think about Lauren keeping her girlfriend a secret?

... Did you miss Dyson this episode, or were you happy to have more focus on Bo and Lauren?

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