Lost Girl: Little Orphan Instincts

Lost Girl S02E10: "Raging Fae"

Things are not going so well for poor Bo.

Not that they've ever gone particularly well: Bo spent her teenage years as a runaway, accidentally killed her boyfriend while trying to get it on (before realizing the Succubus thing), and then—as if she hadn't been through enough—found herself in the middle of a centuries-long feud between Light and Dark Fae. Granted, there have been a few random patches of time where things seemed to be going alright for her—last season she made it through several episodes' worth of developing an almost-normal relationship with Dyson. And she's gotten into a fairly standard routine of chilling out with Kenzi and then going to the Dal. But right now, things are getting distinctly worse for our little Succubus. There was already a lot on Bo's sad plate going into last night's "Raging Fae." Once upon a time, both Dyson and Lauren were vying for her affections—now both of them have old flames getting in the way. True, Lauren's girlfriend is in a coma, but it's kind of hard to get too close without thinking about that girl in the big glass dome. So, there's that.

Then there's the whole knowing-she's-going-to-bring-about-Trick's-death thing. Has Bo ever killed anyone, besides the boyfriend way back when? She usually just drains some of their chi without actually going all the way (in that sense, at least). So it was obviously weighing on her that she might have to do the deed (again, in that sense)—and on Trick, of all people.

Basically, by the time little miss Mel, the way-back-when-boyfriend's sister, strolled into town accusing Bo of murder, Bo was already on the brink of hitting her emotional rock bottom. Had Mel come around when Bo and Dyson were taking baths together and talking about romantic getaways, I doubt Bo would have been so eager to skip town. You could argue it was just her runaway instincts kicking in, but I think her desire to flee was rooted in something much deeper.

Lost Girl keeps dropping hints that something, some force, is building and possibly about to come to a head. The Nain Rouge warned Bo about it, Trick recognized it when tracking the progression of suddenly violent Fae, and Ferraro marked the second villain (after Raynard from last week) to mention that he feels some kind of chaos growing. The show is simultaneously driving Bo into a darker and darker head space, and I do hope we get to play with this more. I'd die if we jumped into next week's episode to find that Bo reverted to being all perky and happy. Happy characters are no fun. I want a meltdown!

Bo did get a lot of validation in this episode, though, which may stave off her breakdown. It was very cathartic to watch her save a little boy from making the same mistakes she did. The boy, Tyler, was using his frog Fae abilities to help his adopted human father win fights. What he didn't know was that if he did it one more time, it would kill his father. Bo managed to use her own experience to convince Tyler to stop the fight and save his dad. And she did that even without the pressure of Mel on her back, because Trick and Hale scared her away by making up some story about how her brother was murdered by a serial killer. That was easy.

Maybe this sounds cruel, but I really hope Mel's disappearance and Bo's charitable deeds don't keep Bo from spiraling out of control.

Like many recent Lost Girl episodes, "Raging Fae" smacked of filler, just there to take up space. Don't get me wrong, it was thoroughly enjoyable, but it didn't move anything along. What I'm hoping for now is that Bo will continue to spiral downward and this "force" that seems to be building will make itself known when she's at her lowest. That's when the stakes will start to rise, the conflicts will solidify, and the drama—and my faith—in this series will be restored.


... Is it cheating if your girlfriend is in a curse-induced coma?

... Were you sad Ciara wasn't in this episode, or are you over her?

... Doesn't Mel look a LOT like Ciara? Or is it just the hair?

... How many episodes do you think it'll be before we learn what this big bad evil thing is?

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