Lost Girl: Love on the Rocks

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Lost Girl S02E16: "School's Out"

If you've spent more than, say, ten minutes watching television you've likely noticed that on any given show, there's often at least one couple having relationship problems. The troubled pair will change, now Harry and Gina are fighting, now Sally and Sarah are fighting, but there will always be one duo on the verge of catastrophe. However, it's rare that EVERY couple on a series is on the the rocks. You usually get at least one who's fairly happy. But in this episode of Lost Girl, everyone's love life was just about ready to jump off a cliff. Most of the issues revolved around the simple idea of trying to do the right thing, but not being able to.

Which was actually kind of parallel to the case Bo worked this week. A group of Akvans, a type of Fae renowned for their lack of smarts, got sick of not being successful. So they started feeding their kids the eggs of the Simurgh, a magical bird, to make them smarter. It might have worked, but like many teenage Fae these kids went to a human high school (helps teach them how to blend in). One of the baby Akvans started using his new-found brains to get along better with girls. Unfortunately, every girl he kissed got a dose of the Simurgh eggs... which basically wrecked their brains. So Bo, Dyson, and Kenzi had to pose as a teacher, a guidance counselor, and a student, respectively. None of them were any good at those jobs, but they did stop the Akvans, so hurray! Mission accomplished.

If only they could manage their personal lives so easily.

First, Bo. She tried to do the right thing by breaking things off with Ryan. Aaaand she failed. Big time. Bo, when you have to pretend to your best friend that you're not sleeping with a guy, it's a sign that you shouldn't be sleeping with the guy. In most cases, Bo's behavior with regard to Ryan would be unbelievable. But when you think about it, neither Dyson nor Lauren chased her the way Ryan did. Seeing as she's been on the run since she was a teenager, I doubt anyone ever has. She was too overwhelmed by him to realize what a terrible mistake she was making.

Meanwhile, Lauren wanted to keep Nadia happy by not telling about the Fae, or what Lauren does for them. But Nadia is no Akvan—girl ain't dumb. For Lauren and Nadia to work out, Lauren was going to have to come clean. Despite Lauren's efforts to seem normal, Nadia knew something was up, and by the end of the episode it was clear she was about to start researching Lauren's necklace. It must have been difficult for Lauren to keep something so big from someone who she worked so hard to get back, but she was a fool to think she could keep it a secret for so long. Also, it certainly can't help Lauren and Nadia's relationship that there's still something between Lauren and Bo.

I'm not even sure what was going on with Dyson, but of course it was hilarious watching him give relationship advice to teenagers. He clearly wasn't happy to hear that Bo was messing around with Ryan, and it didn't seem like he was only worried because Ryan is dark Fae. If the Norn took away Dyson's love for Bo, doesn't that mean he shouldn't feel jealousy either? It hardly seems fair to get the bad parts of love without the good ones. That deal he made with the Norn at the end of last season gets worse with every episode. He was trying to save Bo's life and wound up ruining his own; not only can he not love Bo, but as we learned in "Midnight Lamp," he can never love anyone.

Even Kenzi had her share of love woes. She and Nate are still doing well, even though we didn't see him this episode. But apparently she's a jail-bait magnet. While posing as a high school student she accidentally won the affections of a prepubescent Akvan. He kissed her, which alone was bad enough, but because of the Simurgh eggs he had been eating Kenzi became infected. She didn't pass out, the way the cheerleaders did, but she did start rambling uncontrollably about math.

And honestly, Kenzi and Nate may be fine for now, but how long can she keep the Fae away from him? Just last episode she had to promise the Morrigan a favor to avoid having the, "Hey, don't sign her as your talent agent, she's evil" conversation. There's no way that will be the last time they'll be in a situation like that. Kenzi may not be as tied to the Fae as Lauren, but she still spends a lot of time with them.


– Which job would you rather have had, Bo's (teacher), Dyson's (guidance counselor), or Kenzi's (student)?

– Is it okay to hide the fact that you hang out with Fae all the time from your significant other?

– Think ANY of these couples will work out?

– Kenzi's boots: "clown shoes" or adorable?

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