Lost Girl: Succubusery 101

Lost Girl S01E10: "The Mourning After"

Well "The Mourning After" was certainly a crash course in Succubusing, wasn’t it? After half-a-season's worth of learning about Succubusation one teensy bit at a time, we finally hit the mother lode. At a singles bar, Bo met one of her own kind—who dropped a lot of new information on her at once. Can you really blame Bo for wanting to take notes?

So, what have we learned? First, one of Bo’s parents was almost certainly either a Succubus or an Incubus (a male Succubus; also a popular band from the '90s). Only one parent had to be so inclined, however, so it's possible we've already crossed paths with one of Bo’s parents.

Another fun fact: Succubusing doesn’t just have to steal life from people, it can give it back, too! Saskia (new Succubus buddy) drained a man almost dry, then gave what she took back to him. Does this mean that with more control, Bo could heal others the way she heals herself when she feeds?

Most importantly, Bo is not alone. Saskia revealed that there are many more Succubi in the world, but they stick to bigger cities—especially Berlin. German readers, watch your backs. This makes me wonder what the Fae scene is like in other cities. Hopefully we’ll get to follow Bo on an on-the-road adventure or see her experience an international incident at some point.

Though the point of this episode was obviously to introduce Saskia and reveal more information about Succubi, the mystery, or procedural B-plot, was actually one of the best the show has given us all season. Bo and Kenzi investigated the death of a woman who appeared to have committed suicide. You know, because she wrote words like “whore” and “slut” all over her windows, then took a hair dryer into the bathtub with her. But the woman’s sister refused to believe that her happy-go-lucky sibling would ever do such a thing, so she hired Bo and Kenzi to dig up the truth.

It was nice to see Lost Girl explore the idea of female sexuality in a slightly more complicated way than usual. Less “woohoo, two chicks!” and more “some people think it’s okay to treat women in horrible ways for wanting to pursue their sexuality on their own terms.” It wasn’t an overpowering message, really, but it was there. And that's what counts.

Bo and her new Succubus buddy spent most of the episode trying to track down the man who the dead girl, Allison, took home on her last night alive, first thinking the killer was a man she met during a speed-dating session, then re-thinking and believing he was a pick-up artist she met at the singles bar.

I’ll admit it—I fell for it. I thought the killer was the guy she slept with, too. I really didn’t expect Bertram would be the murderer, but in hindsight, how perfect is it that the guy running a speed-dating event would feed off of sexual shame?

What I didn’t get was why he was able to feed off Collette because she didn't have a shameful sexual experience, but a lot of women have a little bit of guilt about sex, and harping on such a small nitpick would be kind of obnoxious. More curious to me was why Allison, who was so picky about men, could have felt so confident about a complete sleazebag to not only take him home, but also tell her sister how optimistic she felt about him. I mean, we saw that guy’s moves on Bo and Saskia. NOT a lot going on there.

Elsewhere, Kenzi agreed to help Trick fool a Lightning Bird into giving him one of her eggs. I loved the Lightning Bird’s robe, by the way: There were some neat special effects going on that made the feathers around her neck look ethereal. I want one! Trick needed Kenzi's help because Lightning Fae only appear to human women, so Kenzi, naturally, negotiated free drinks for life in exchange for her help. 'Atta girl, Kenz, 'atta girl.

So far, I'm pretty sure this is the only time we’ve seen a Fae need a human for something. Usually Kenzi’s not doing much more than tagging along or dying of foot-food poisoning, so it was kind of nice to see the Fae need her for once.

I loved both of the stories going on in this episode, but wish they could have overlapped or shared a common theme. I mean, I guess both plots were about things not being as they seemed? But isn’t that part of every episode? It’s not a huge complaint, but "The Mourning After" would have risen to another level if there had been a stronger connection between the two stories.


– Are all Succubi Dark Fae?
– Did this episode give anyone a phobia of speed dating? Is there a word for that?
– Who do you think Bo’s parents are?
– Is Bo being too hard on Lauren? Or is Lauren still not to be trusted?

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