Lost Girl "Truth and Consequences" Review: Decisions, Decisions

Lost Girl S02E19: "Truth and Consequences"

Helloooooo, Mr. Garuda!

After months of waiting, we finally meet the big bad villain we've been hearing so much about!

Well, kinda. We met him via possessed human, which is a pretty clever way to introduce a villain without having to actually introduce him. As much as I get impatient for more Garuda-ness, I'll toss Lost Girl a bone—it's doing a good job of raising the suspense.

Truth be told, this episode was less about the Garuda involvement and more about making the difficult decisions. The three central female characters—Bo, Kenzi, and Lauren—all had big decisions to make.

The Ash told Bo that he suspected the Glaive (a big important light Fae we heard about in "Death Didn't Become Him" when Kenzi and Hale babysat her daughter) of making a deal with the Garuda. He demanded that Bo kill or kidnap the Glaive, but suggested killing because it's less messy. Man, the Ash may not be as evil as he seemed to be at the beginning of the episode, but he's still a dick.

Bo refused, but agreed to investigate. She heard the Glaive talk about Fae feminism (appropriate, since it was the female characters making the big choices this week), and became totally Team Glaive. But when she talked to Trick about it he agreed with the Ash. Trick suspected that the Garuda would offer to help both the light and the dark against the other, driving them back into war. This left Bo with a difficult decision. The Glaive seemed so nice, but at the same time she could be leading to the Fae's destruction.

Needing more information before making her decision, Bo met with the Glaive and they had a nice little conversation! Until the Glaive used her wood nymph powers to make Bo's wooden chair trap her, then threw in some promises of torture and death just to sweeten the deal. The Glaive was completely being played by the Garuda, but loving every minute of it. Unfortunately, instead of just killing Bo in the chair, the Glaive thought it would be a good idea to have her guards escort Bo to someplace that'd be easier to clean up. A Succubus may not be able to seduce a chair, but the guards were no problem for Bo. She's definitely gotten a lot stronger, by the way. Those guards must have been fairly powerful Fae and Bo knocked them out in an instant. Bo proceeded to throw a knife into the Glaive's heart.

Bo's decision turned out not to be so difficult after all. But she still didn't kill the Glaive. She remembered from "Death Didn't Become Him" that the Glaive had two hearts, so she left Lachlan to decide the Glaive's fate, leaving her with a clean conscience... and transferring the "difficult decision making" to someone else. Sly.

Poor Kenzi's decision was a lot more difficult. Nate gave her a key to his apartment and told her he wanted to take their relationship "to the next level." He just didn't realize that taking things to the next level with Kenzi would also mean taking things to the next level with the coming war against the Garuda. Kenzi knew she couldn't let Nate get involved with anything to do with the Fae, so it was either dump Nate or dump Bo. Both Trick and Bo insisted she take Nate and run off someplace safe.

You know, I'm honestly torn on what Kenzi should have done. On the one hand, being happy with someone you love is awesome, and the Garuda really isn't Kenzi's fight. The Garuda doesn't seem to have any particular beef with humans. On the other hand, Kenzi's become totally immersed in the Fae world. All her friends are Fae. She hangs out in Fae bars. She makes her living as a private investigator on Fae matters. At least... she used to, seeing as they really haven't been doing much of that lately. In any case, giving up the Fae would be giving up her whole world.

In the end, Kenzi decided to keep Bo and say goodbye to Nate. It clearly took a lot out of her to do that, though.

Lauren's decision was much more pressing. And armed. Nadia's been acting very strange for the past few episodes, but this time she took to trying to stab Lauren in the shower. She snapped out of it pretty quickly, and claimed not to know what she was doing. Then she showed up at Bo's house, again looking for a fight. Lauren knew something was wrong and kept trying to run tests to learn more, but in reality she was just putting off any real decision for action. To be fair, there wasn't a whole lot she COULD do, but still.

After sorting out the Glaive debacle, Bo burst into Lauren's home upset about Nadia's actions. At first Nadia pretended she didn't know what Bo was talking about, but when Bo gave her an opening Nadia tried to kill her. Bo put together that the Garuda must be in control of Nadia. Lauren begged Nadia to fight against it, which she was actually able to do. But then Nadia insisted that Lauren kill her before she lost control.

Lauren couldn't.

I know, I know. Lauren spent five years trying to get Nadia back, so I get it would have been horribly painful to have to kill her girlfriend. At the same time, it felt like it was Lauren's place. And Nadia didn't ask Bo to do it, she asked Lauren. I feel like Lauren chickened out here, leaving Bo to do the dirty deed by knifing Nadia.

Overall? Good episode. This season is definitely managing its plot-heavy episodes better than last season. I just hope they're actually building to something epic. If after all this we wind up with a lackluster season finale I'm going to lose it.

...Should Lauren have killed Nadia?
...Would you trust Hale with a secret? Even a small one?
...What do you think Kenzi should have chosen?
...The Ash working with Trick—is this going to be a happy union or a total disaster?

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