Lost Girl: Vex Gets Vexed

Lost Girl S01E08: "Vexed"

Okay, I’m no lighting junkie, but the lighting in the first scene of last night’s Lost Girl made my jaw drop. The fierce red orange of Dyson’s apartment contrasted amazingly with the sickly green in the hallway Bo stumbled through. It was a perfect way to show how distant these two characters have become.

Bo had just gotten into a fight on the job and needed Dyson to heal her, but Dyson told her it’d be the last time. Yeah right, Dyson. If any of you believe that, get in touch. I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

After her pick-me-up, Bo and Kenzi went to meet a contact, Siegfried the Vampire, only to find him hanging by his neck.

No biggie, he was fine, just practicing his routine for an unrelated business agreement. Dude needs to find a new business. The point is: He had information for Bo, about her mother. Her response, obviously, was to grab him by the neck. So poignant, because he'd just explained how people often develop a strange desire to strangle him! Back to the point: He claimed to know of a woman, Lou Ann, who knew about Bo’s mother.

The problem?

Lou Ann was on death row. Scheduled to be executed in three days, no less.

So Bo and Kenzi posed as federal agents to sneak into jail to see Lou Ann. Their story wasn’t so plausible, but thanks to Bo’s succubusery they were able to get right in. Bo was immediately able to tell that Lou Ann, who claimed to have heard rumors about Bo, was Fae. Lou Ann also said she didn’t know Siegfried, but the dramatic music indicated otherwise.

Uh oh, back at Siegfried's lair: Dude got a visit from an extremely Cockney Vampire (awesome!), who psychically forced Siegfried to put his hand in a garbage disposal. For the first time, I was glad my apartment doesn’t have a garbage disposal. That’s one less potential nightmare this week. Nice try, Lost Girl! You’ll have to do better than that!

Word got out fast. When Bo found out about her vampire buddy, she went to question Dyson about it because he was investigating the scene of the crime. He revealed that Siegfried's heart was cut out. Dyson warned Bo that Lou Ann was a Dark Fae, and any further investigation into their business could get dangerous. Bo agreed to return only if Dyson would pull Lou Ann’s file so she could make sure there was nothing suspicious in it—because there's nothing suspicious about a Fae on death row. Dyson agreed, but warned that it'd be the last time he'd do her a favor. Come on, Dyson. How many lies are you going to tell in one episode?

Turns out, Lou Ann drowned her own children. Terrible? Yes. Overtly supernatural? No. Next file: Siegfried’s. Suspicion set in. He died too easily. Bo had already witnessed how difficult he was to kill—hanging certainly wasn’t enough. So Bo deduced that both Siegfried and Lou Ann were forced to do things by another Fae.

Back to jail! Lou Ann admitted she was punished by the Fae for falling in love with a human, and Bo connected. This was a very smart place to go with Bo’s character: She is constantly trying to find her place in the Fae world, and here was another Fae who tried to break out of the preordained mold and found her choices limited by powers beyond her control. Of course, Bo would do anything she could to help.

Step one: Talk to the Ash. Lauren reluctantly helped get Bo a meeting, but worried it would lead to trouble. The meeting turned out to be fruitless. The Ash had absolutely no intention of interfering with the Dark Fae. If they wanted to punish one of their own, that was their business.

More props to the visuals here: The Ash’s residence was constructed of white marble, he was dressed in white, and Lauren was in tan. Bo? All black. Even while the Ash was telling her to join the Light Fae, visually it was clear that this was not where Bo belonged.

As Bo prepared to take a bath, a type of Fae called a Morag tried to drown her.

Meanwhile, Kenzi was playing video games downstairs. Nice back-up, Kenzi. We needed more Kenzi this episode. Her absence was probably due to the writers trying to keep things serious, but I could have used some Kenzi-craziness. When the ceiling started falling Kenzi realized something was up, and finally came to help by distracting the Morag long enough for Bo to pin it to the wall and electrocute it with an exposed wire.

You know, I can’t help but think Bo and Kenzi’s apartment isn’t up to code. They seriously need to start getting better-paying clients. Maybe then they could afford a place that doesn't look like it's about to burst into flames.

When Dyson inevitably popped by to check on Bo, he warned her (so many warnings!) that not choosing a side made her vulnerable because neither the Light Fae nor the Dark Fae could protect her, but Bo didn't buy it. In one of the fastest turnarounds ever, Dyson offered to heal her again. How long did that take? A day? In a shocking turn of events, Bo refused. Poor Dyson. Guy can't catch a break.

Bo turned to Trick to learn more about her attacker. Fortunately, he had The Idiot’s Guide to The Fae That Attacked You Last Night on his person at the time. At least, I assume that was the title. It had pretty pictures, and informed him that a Morag is a type of Fae that feeds on rage. Trick said it was likely sent by someone Bo had angered and suggested Bo use succubusing to fight back. Bo wasn’t happy about using sex as a weapon. Trick had more up his sleeve: a siricorn, or a nifty magic sword made of unicorn horn, which would slow Bo's impending death.

Speaking of using sex as a weapon: Ash and Lauren were in talks about what to do with Bo. Though Ash wasn't down with Bo attacking the vampire who killed Siegfried at the risk of falling prey to the Dark Fae (I guess that’s not entirely evil), he did ask Lauren to bang Bo to distract her while he got Vex out of town. Not classy, Ash.

Lauren complied, of course. While Bo prodded Lauren for answers, Lauren did the only thing she could think of, and kissed her. When Bo asked the inevitable, "What are you doing?" Lauren said she didn’t know. So many lies in this episode!

Sexy times ensued—so much for taking it slow. When Bo tried to leave, Lauren tried to get her to stay, but revealed that the Ash sent her. Lauren insisted that she hadn’t done anything wrong, to which Bo responded, “You are in my bed because he told you to be.” That’s pretty fair. Even if Lauren’s been trying to sleep with Bo all season, doing so to help the Ash kind of ruined it. Lauren also let it slip that the Fae Bo was looking for goes by the name of Vex.

Here's something that doesn't make sense: Bo kept saying her goal was to get Lou Ann out of prison, but to do so she kept searching for the Fae that did kill Lou Ann’s kids. How would that help Lou Ann? There’s no way she could prove to human authorities that Vex used his magic Fae powers to force Lou Ann to kill her kids. And even if she brought Vex to the Ash, he wouldn’t do anything about it either. Why didn’t Bo focus her efforts on breaking Lou Ann out of jail? Too late now, Lou Ann was headed for execution, and Trick was there to witness it all.

...While Bo prepared for battle.

When Bo got to Vex’s place, he was waiting for her. He was far stronger than she, but the siricorn allowed Bo to overpower him. She was juuust about to kill him when Dyson came in and kept her from doing the deed. Oh, and Kenzi tagged along too, just to, you know, stand and watch. Such a follower this week, Kenzi!

Dyson laid down the law: If Bo killed Vex, the Dark Fae would come after her. They’re big Vex fans, after all. Vex used the pep-talk to escape. Dyson told Bo not to worry, that none of these guys knew anything about her mother, but Bo wasn’t having any of it and stormed off.

So then Lou Ann was all dead and at the morgue. Well, not so much dead. She sat up and got out of her body bag. Trick came in and said they needed to talk. Hey, if I saw someone come back from the dead, I’d be wanting to have a little chit-chat too.

I’d probably be less calm about it than Trick, though. But then again, he seems pretty used to this kind of thing.


... What do you think is the deal with Bo’s mom?

... Was that really the last time Bo and Dyson will sleep together?

... I didn’t count, exactly how many lies were told in this episode?

... That unicorn sword was pretty awesome. If you could have one magic item from Lost Girl, what would it be?

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