Lost Girl: We're Getting There

Lost Girl S02E11: "Can't See the Fae-Rest"

I don't know if Lost Girl has ever shown as much condensed character growth in one episode as it did this week. Bo, Ciara, and Lauren all took huge steps forward, and we got a lot of insight into Dyson's mindset. AND we learned that the Ash thinks all the nasty stuff he's doing is to protect the Light Fae, which was a shocking, albeit interesting, development. Until now he's seemed pretty self-absorbed, but it looks like he might be more complicated than that. Let's take a look at how each character developed in last night's "Can't See the Fae-Rest."

Bo: It was refreshing to see a show back down from cat fights. Lost Girl easily could have drawn out the tension between Bo and Ciara and turned this into a hair-pulling, nail-scratching extravaganza. Instead, it treated Bo and Ciara like mature, adult women. In real life, even vaguely well-adjusted women don't typically engage in physical violence over a guy (without extenuating circumstances). Feels strange to say "real life" when discussing a love triangle between a Succubus, a Fae, and a werewolf, but I guess that's just what makes speculative fiction so great—fantastic situations paired with genuine characters.

Ciara: When she was first introduced in "BrotherFae of the Wolves," I worried that Ciara would have the personality of a cardboard cutout. She was clearly added just to be a love interest for Dyson and create tension with Bo. However, she's turning out to be a very well-developed character. She spent hundreds of years in a forced, unhappy marriage, but instead of being angsty about it she's trying to be assertive. Demanding that she and Dyson discuss their feelings instead of brushing them under the carpet was the move of a strong woman. However, her insistence that Bo and Dyson pretend to be engaged seemed a little sneaky to me. She may not be there yet, but she's taking steps.

Dyson: Dyson was having some trouble last night. Even though the Norn took away his love for Bo in last season's finale, there's obviously SOMETHING still between them, given the dreamy stare he gave her. He seems to want to be in love with Ciara, but can't be. When she asked him if he loved her, and he responded with an "I'll do my bestest!" response, it seemed like she took that as a "yes" when it wasn't. Remember that, ladies: If he doesn't say the words "I love you," then he doesn't love you. And guys, if you don't love her, don't string her along. Life lessons from Dyson, ladies and gentlemen.

Lauren: She's come a long way from a few episodes ago when she was having panic attack based on baking sessions in Bo's kitchen. Last night, she stood up to the Ash and demanded what she wanted. This was a woman who in Season 1 was willing to do pretty much anything the Ash asked her to. Learning that Nadia isn't sick, but cursed, has seriously messed with Lauren's head, but I'm definitely liking the direction her character is headed in as a result. Stay assertive, Lauren!

So, the characters are growing, and that's good. But this week's story was not so strong, and that's not so good. I love the idea of a tree spirit trying to re-gather the pieces of herself, but "Can't See the Fae-Rest" spent so much time focusing on the rich people and the snake Fae that the way-more-interesting Batibat ended up feeling like it was just tossed in haphazardly at the end. It gave the episode a weird, disjointed feeling. Despite all of the good character work going on, I found this to be a pretty bland episode. But hey, let's keep focusing on the positives: Keep those characters moving, Lost Girl!


... Which character's growth do you find most enjoying to watch?

... What is the deal with the Ash's bonsai trees?

... Is there any piece of furniture worth being chased down by a Batibat?

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