Lost Girl: You Can't Always Get What You Want

Lost Girl S02E17: "The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire"

When life gives you the choice between one thing or another, you usually can't answer, "Both, please!" And "neither" usually isn't an option either. In "The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire," both Fae and humans had difficulty with the concept.

Lauren and Kenzi both want to have normal, human relationships with their significant others. But they don't want to tell those significant others about the Fae even though they also don't want to stop hanging out with Fae.

On the Fae side of things, the powers that be doen't seem to understand that when you make a deal with someone to exchange goods or "services," you can't just not hold up your end of the bargain.

This week, the Ash asked Bo to investigate the murder of the head, or don, of the Fae clan Bukharin. We haven't heard too much about these Fae clans until now, but this episode offered all kinds of info; basically, there are three clans that hold all the real power—Bukharin, Fin Arvin, and Zamora. And the Zamora don just happens to be Hale's father. We knew from "I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)" that Hale was nobility, but I didn't realize he was that high up.

The body of the slain Bukharin don had been burned, and all that was left was a pile of ashes. It seemed like a power play from one of the other clans, so Bo and Dyson paid a visit to the head of clan Fin Arvin. However, as they were chatting, he went up in flames. Bo sought out Trick for more info, who said that the murderer was an under-Fae called a Cherufe—a monster made out of magma.

Meanwhile, Hale asked Kenzi to pose as his girlfriend to keep his family off his back. He wanted her to be his date for the Inverell, a once-a-century Fae ball where all three clans meet and attempt not to kill each other. Kenzi was reluctant seeing as she's with Nate, but after Hale showed her a list he'd been keeping of all the times he'd helped her (which included covering for her when she stole Bo's shoes), she agreed. But she also decided to not tell Nate. Can't be sneaking around with Fae and maintaining a normal relationship, Kenzi. Not how it works.

Before Kenzi could join Hale at the Inverell, she had to have lunch with his family. Which did not go so well, since Hale's family hates humans. Bo showed up to try to convince Hale's father, Sturgess, to cancel the Inverell since it would be too dangerous with the Cherufe hanging around. Sturgess refused. He thought cancelling the Inverell would show weakness to the other clans, and he would rather die than have that happen.

Kenzi and Nate had a huge fight because she ditched him to hang out with Hale. She didn't want to tell him the truth—not even a sanitized, non-Fae version of it—so she told him she and Bo were spies, that they were in the witness protection, program, and that they were about to get their own cooking shows. Considering Kenzi's con artist past, she is NOT very good at lying.

Then Kenzi told Hale she didn't want to go to the Inverell with him, because she was worried it would make things even worse with Nate. Hale explained that he didn't just want her to be his date so his family would quit bothering him, he also wanted the other Fae clans to see him with a human. Hale hoped that by showing the other high-ranking Fae that he was dating a human, he could encourage them to modernize; as a potential Zamora don, he thought acting progress could encourage the other Fae to get along better with humans.

Back to Bo: She had the feeling there was something Sturgess wasn't telling her, so she searched his house. He caught her, but not before she discovered a scroll that seemed useful. After she threatened to leave with it, Sturgess told her that centuries ago, there was actually a fourth clan, Scafati. The Scafati had been more powerful than the other three clans combined, so the three less-powerful clans made a deal with the Cherufe. Every century they would give the Cherufe their first-born daughters, and in exchange the Cherufe would destroy the entire Scafati clan. The side effect was that doing so caused Pompeii to erupt.

However, as much as the trio of Fae clans liked what they got out of the deal, they also didn't like what they had to give up. So they tricked the Cherufe and locked him away under the mountain, and for a long time nothing happened. Now that the Garuda is back, however, he's unleashing all sorts of things that had been sufficiently leashed before. We didn't exactly get a lot of details on how, but I have a feeling that's coming in future episodes.

Anyway, Sturgess still held the Inverell, and of course, the Cherufe showed up. Bo made quick work of him, though, freezing him with some liquid nitrogen she found in the kitchen. Handy. But I still think Bo had a bit too easy of a time with him. This is a monster so strong he destroyed an entire city, and took down the dons of two of the most powerful clans? Didn't look like he even managed to scratch Bo.

Though maybe that's a subtle sign that Bo's getting stronger. People do keep talking about how special she is.

At the ball, Dyson got up to his own... I'm trying to think of a way to turn liquid nitrogen into a euphemism and it's just not happening. Anyway, he banged Hale's sister, which will probably be the last straw for their friendship. Hale's been getting frustrated with Dyson for a while, and at the end of this epsode Hale pretty much never wanted to see him again.

With the Cherufe dead, Bo figured that the Fae clans might listen to her about how they needed to unite against the Garuda, since it would take all of their powers to defeat him. Nope. The clans just started blaming each other, each one worrying that their rival clans were trying to trick them. They had two choices, stand as one against the Garuda or be destroyed by it. Their decision? "Neither!"

Yeah, I have a feeling that's going to work out GREAT for them.

Nate eventually forgave Kenzi, and the pair seemed closer than ever. This is going to catch up to Kenzi eventually, though. She just barely got him out of a deal with the Morrigan in "Table for Fae."

And Lauren looks like she has even less time than Kenzi before something Fae-like starts butting in on her relationship. Nadia was definitely acting strange this episode, and I don't just mean out of jealousy. At first she was simply snooping around Bo's house, but at the end of the episode she cut open her hand and looked like she was about to drink her own blood. Lauren stopped her, and Nadia claimed she didn't know what had happened. Now, it's possible Nadia would be acting weird even if Lauren had told her about the Fae. But if you're getting your partner involved in something as dangerous as the Fae and the Garuda, the least you can do is warn them about it.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. It was a lot of fun, and I really liked that we got to see Hale do something other than researching and making snide remarks. But it was definitely one of those episodes where you want to slap certain characters and tell them to get their lives together.


– Nonna's fascinator: pretty or ridiculous?

– What do you think of the new Dyson? Too emo?

– Seriously, how awesome would a cooking show with Bo and Kenzi be? Especially since neither of them can cook? I really wish Kenzi hadn't just been making that up for Nate.

– What's going on with Nadia?

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I finally watched!

1. Pretty ridiculous

2. Dyson isn't emo at all. He's just upset and dealing with things in his own way.

3. The show would be alright, but then all the puns about Bo's breasts and Kenzi's oddness would get old after a while.

4. Nadia is possessed by the Garuda. Poor Lauren, she's clueless.

Seeing as how Hale is totally in love with Kenzi, but she's either sorta clueless or in denial, which makes for a good story.

Fun episode with fire monster man.

An okay episode, although I don't know what to make of Dyson and the crazy way he is acting lately. I understand that his "love" has been turned off but I don't see the need to turn him into a total DICK. Hale had every right to be mad at him for messing with his sister. It was only a matter of time before someone took a swing at him.

I loved Hale and Kenzi together, they have great chemistry. Nothing against Nate, cause I kinda like him too but unless Kenzi opens up and tells him the truth I just don't see that relationship working out.

Not sure what is up with Nadia, but she is obviously possessed by Garuda, but only time will tell what it is going to do to her.
Boring. Not seeing Ryan, the screen hogger was a relief though.

Kenzi and Hale were the only saving grace for me, I love them together!

1 - ridiculous.

2 - not exactly new. Dyson has always been an emo jerk with a huge ego. He's just more upfront about it now.

3 - I certainly wouldn't watch it.

4 - I agree she is possessed but I'm not sure I care, to be honest. I hope they get rid of her soon. I've had enough of plot devices.
Cool review, as usual. Personally, I liked this episode, too. The fact that Ryan didn't show up at all was a plus. :) I hate that Dyson and Hale's bromance is over, though (way to go, Dyson). Also, Nate seemed a bit clingy in this ep. I prefer to see Hale and Kenzi together.


1. The hat was pretty ridiculous at first, but the way Kenzi wore it as a wrist band later in the show looked cool. She was so pretty in her dress! Go, Kenzi!

2. I'm not crazy about new Dyson. Too insensitive and uncaring. Despite that, I still want Bo and Dyson to get back together, but I want Dyson to be the way he was first.

3. I'd watch Bo and Kenzi's cooking show. :D

4. I don't know what the hell is wrong with Nadia, but if I caught her snooping around my bedroom, she and I would have words. This girl is working my nerves.
This is a great show with one of the strongest and honest female relationships of any show currently airing. Funny that Ksenia Solo is the only person from "Life Unexpected" to score a steady job following that show's lone season. She looked so lovely made up - if I was Nate and saw her clean up that way for Hale, I'd be jealous too;) The relationship between Kenzi and Hale is one of the show's best and this episode was a great showcase. Can't wait to see where this is all heading. Can't wait to find out how Bo really fits into everything that is going on. Banging Hale's sister at the party in the much frequented wine cellar? C'mon Dyson.
As I remember it, Ksenia Solo was doing both shows at the same time, more or less.
Britt Robertson went straight to work on the Secret Circle, and Shiri Appleby is supposed to be on Chicago Fire. Ksenia Solo is fantastic though, and I expect this isn't the last we'll see of her.
Nate is so lame... Kenzi wake up - Hale's much better
Bo calling out the Reverse Cowgirl to Kenzi during the boss Fight. Good Stuff.
Nadia is obviously possessed by the Garuda. She acts normal then moments later, completely psychotic. And her licking the blood off her hand at the end was an obvious parallel to the Garuda licking the blood off Trick's in episode 2.13. Lachlan also killed a man in episode 10 who claimed he was being forced to do things he did not want to. There is no cure. Those who are possessed must be eliminated. It won't take long for Lauren to figure it out. Too bad for Lauren (and too good for us) she is most likely going to be sacrificed.
An interesting episode. I liked that there was no Bo/ Ryan thing going on. I loved the opening with the fake sword fight and Nate coming in. That was funny. Also, DAMN Kenzi looked good last night. Also I think this is the beginning of the end for Kenzi and Nate. That is unless he doesn't survive Warehouse 13.



Dyson, is odd, I am not sure if I like it or not. I can understand being pissed at himself and the world for the whole not being able to love thing. But breaking the Bro code by sleeping with your buddy's little sister. That kind of crosses a line. Also, he is in general being kind of a dick.

I think that would be hilarious. Kenzi alone would be a great cooking show. But the both of them would be hilarious.

Nadia. I think she is the Garuda. Or some type of emissary of the Garuda. Do we even know what type of Fae she is? Either way I think she will be wrapped up by the end of the season.

Nadia is human.
The official story WAS that Nadia is a human and was infected with a Fae plague... which was scary because that meant it jumped species to humans.

In fact, the previous Ash (supposedly) had her cursed and put into a coma to force Lauren's hand to be their medical expert.

I'm not Canadian, so I guess it's possible there's even MORE to the story. And I wonder if she is possessed by the Garuda which is why the previous Ash imprisoned her.
Thanks for the clarification on Nadia. I had always thought she was Fae. It makes much more sense now. I like your theory about the Ash and imprisoning her because she was possessed by the Garuda. Good idea.
Nadia is human, like Lauren.

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