Lost Girl: You Got the Wrong Guy!

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Lost Girl S01E11: "Faetal Justice"

This week's episode of Lost Girl had so many moments that were primed for one character to jump over a table and slap another one across the face! The tension on this show is so thick you could cut it with a siricon.  

Speaking of which, how sad were you that Trick doesn't have the siricon anymore? The Ash needs to stop taking his toys away. Though it's probably smart, seeing as there's so much TENSION between those two. When the Ash came by, I was half expecting Trick to launch himself over that counter and slap the Ash across the face. Clearly, Trick is too classy for that, but you know he wanted to.

The episode started with one of the biggest opening conflicts we've had yet. Dyson stumbled into Trick's bar, covered in blood, and asked for sanctuary. This week Bo wasn't trying to help a random client, or even the Dark Fae midwife from "Vexed." No, this week she had to save Dyson by proving he didn't kill Ba'al, a Dark Fae working for Vex. The odds were stacked against him: A club full of people saw Dyson threaten Ba'al, a human regular, Portia, claimed she saw him do it, and Ba'al's body was covered in wolf-like bite marks. Where else could those have come from? (Everybody look at Dyson).

Things didn't look good for old Dyson.

But, hey! We got to see the Morrigan again! She spent the entire episode trying to get Dyson handed over to her, but when she finally got her hands on him, all she wanted to do was torture him for information about where Bo came from. I mean, how do you think that made Dyson feel? Used, right? Yeah, that's how I'd feel, too.

The bottom line here is: Clearly, the Ash wasn't the only one who saw value in learning about Bo's past. 

Speaking of the Ash, he had no intention of sticking his neck out for Dyson, because he didn't want to start a war over what he considered a trivial matter. Trick, however, refused to give Dyson over, proving to us that Trick has some political power in the Fae world, as well as whatever magical power he has as a result of being the Blood King. Though, unfortunately, his political pull was less influential than he'd hoped. When he called other Fae asking them to vote in support of Dyson against the Ash, he seemed to be getting surprisingly few supporters.

Episode bonus: Kenzi got to be useful again! I always love it when she has something productive to do, instead of just following along and watching Fae do things she can't. As a former runaway, Kenzi was able to connect with Portia, who wound up being the key to the whole case. Silas, the bartender at the club, needed a way to protect Portia from the torture ring Ba'al was running. When he witnessed Dyson arguing with Ba'al, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to get rid of Ba'al and have someone else take the blame. Since Silas was a werewolf just like Dyson (how convenient), he could make it look like Dyson did it.

Personally, I found that part a little odd. Wouldn't everyone know Silas was a werewolf—particularly Dyson? Until this point in the series, it never seemed like the Fae have been that secretive about what type of Fae they are. Why didn't anyone say, "Hey, that guy's a werewolf! He doesn't have a motive or anything, but maybe we should take a second to consider him?"

At the end of the day, here's the takeaway: Poor Bo. She spent the whole episode trying to get to know Dyson better only to finally decide that she knows him as much as she needs to. Oh, Bo. You poor, naive little Succubus. Just like Portia, her man has a lot going on she doesn't know about. Dyson has a whole load of stuff he's not telling her about her past. That, more than anything, has explosive potential.


– Did you see it coming that Silas was going to be the killer?

– Wasn't it a little odd that Portia didn't seem more broken up at the end over Silas being dead? And not just dead, but very likely tortured to death?

– Will we ever see the siricon again, or has it gone to the big prop house in the sky?

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