Lost Girl's Season 2 Finale: The Final Set-up

Lost Girl S02E22: "Flesh and Blood"

All season long, Lost Girl has been doing a really good job of building up suspense. The Garuda has been a threat for several months now, so last night I was just about dying to see what would happen.

If I hadn't been so excited, maybe I'd be less disappointed right now.

The rational part of my brain realizes that "Flesh and Blood" was a perfectly serviceable episode that didn't make any big mistakes. But I'm sorry, when you spend months getting me all hyped up to find out how Bo will defeat the Garuda, my expectations are gonna be high. So let's break down the small mistakes that made Lost Girl's Season 2 finale such a "meh" episode.

First off, the problem with having the big, bad villain wait to make his move is that you really have to give him a reason why. Even a bad reason! After months of waiting, the Garuda had his shadow minion just show up at the Dal one day and whisk Trick away. He could have done this at any point in time! He could have even gotten REALLY clever, and taken him when Bo wasn't around! Had he done that, she wouldn't have known Trick was gone until too late, and the show would be called Lost Garuda by now.

"Life is hard when you don't know who you are. It's even harder when you DO know, and that thing is a fiery, soul-sucking bird of DOOM!"

Hmmm, doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

It was awfully lucky that Bo not only knew Trick was gone, but that he had also JUST discovered where the Garuda was hiding. How convenient! And since she had just assembled her team and thought of a way to keep them all together (injecting them with her blood to make them supernaturally loyal to her), they were all set to go! Except that Hale's sister Val, who we met in "The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire," showed up, too. I was happy to see her because she seemed like a pretty cool character... but then she didn't do ANYTHING! Think about it, all episode, what did she do? Okay, sure, she helped out with the Berserkers. All, like, FOUR of them.

Here's another complaint: I know stunt men are expensive, but if you don't have enough minions to fight off it kind of looks like your evil lord is strapped for cash. No one is scared of Doctor Frugal or Master Coupon Cutter. Speaking of low budget, it was awesome that they decided to set the season finale in an abandoned mental institution. It was significantly less awesome that it looked like it could have been ANY abandoned building. When you say things like "abandoned mental institution," I expect to see something terrifying. When I get a generic warehouse instead, it's disappointing. Plenty of other shows have done far more on what was likely a smaller budget, just saying.

Despite being outnumbered, the Berserkers still managed to seriously wound Kenzi. She was unconscious and in bad shape. So Hale used his siren abilities to... I feel stupid just typing it... sing at a frequency that could cauterize the wound. Yep. That happened. Pretty sure that was a decision the writers' room made at 2am the night before their deadline.

Writer 1: "Okay, looks like we're done... wait! On page 40 Kenzi is dying, and on page 41 she's fine!"
Writer 2: "Just have Hale heal her with his voice."
Writer 3: "But that doesn't make any sense!"
Writer 2: "Whatever! I'm tired!"

... That's my guess at how that scene came to be.

While Bo and her friends fought their way through what could easily have been a warehouse against fewer people than it takes to run a laundromat, the Garuda tried smooth-talking Trick into rewriting the Fae laws. He showed Trick a vision of when he wrote the laws in the first place. According to the Garuda (WHO IS OH SO TRUSTWORTHY), the Light and Dark were just about to unite to kill Trick anyway, so Trick didn't have to write the laws to save the Fae, he had to write them to save himself. The Garuda's solution was for Trick to unwrite the laws so the Light and the Dark could come to peace naturally. Okay, come on. Even if the Light and the Dark had something they could agree on eleventy-jillion years ago, it doesn't mean they do now. And this suggestion for peace came from someone who feeds off of chaos. Despite the Garuda's poor debate skills, Trick was just about to write with his blood when Bo busted in and pointed out that he was being an idiot. But it was too late. The Garuda's argument had weakened Trick to the point where the Garuda could possess him.

That, I admit, was pretty cool. It also made Nadia's death more meaningful, because Bo and Lauren were able to use what they'd learned from Nadia's possession to defeat the Garuda. Lauren had determined that when Nadia was possessed there was Fae DNA in her blood. So that meant there was some amount of Garuda in Trick, enough that Lachlan's venom could kill him. So they did that, it worked, and we got a pretty neat little animation of a fiery snake battling a fiery bird. Trick died in the process, but Bo brought him back with his wife's life essence. Trick had given it to Bo to use on herself if the whole soul-binding thing turned her evil, but she decided to use it on him instead.

All in all, it was a mostly mediocre episode. But at the end of the day, this season finale did exactly what it was supposed to do; in my opinion, it's more important for a finale to get you pumped for next season than it is to wrap up the threads of the current one. In that respect, "Flesh and Blood" succeeded. Bo is totally turning evil, since she didn't take that life essence. Last week's episode left me wondering what villain could possibly give Bo more of a fight after she finished with the Garuda. What's more powerful than the Garuda? Bo herself.

And what was that on Kenzi's arm? Must be from the bottle that fell on her at the Norn's last week, right? I'm really curious to find out what that was, and how she'll deal with it.

Finally, the love triangle: Bo hasn't really had to deal with the Lauren-or-Dyson decision much this season. Until recently Dyson wasn't able to love her, then Lauren had Nadia around. Next season looks like an all-out battle for love! Though Dyson and Lauren may both be less into her once she starts turning mega-evil. Though maybe not! We shall see!


– Are you Team Dyson, Team Lauren, or Team Both?

– How many Berserkers does it take to properly guard an abandoned mental institution?

– What do YOU think is up with Kenzi's arm? Wild guesses are not only welcome, they're encouraged!

– Will you be watching next season?

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