Lost: Go Get 'Em, Sayid

Oh Sayid, you play the tortured soul so well... but we all know that, deep down inside, you are capable of really crummy things. You keep saying you're a good man, but when the time calls for it, you have no qualms about throwing a guy onto cutlery in a dishwasher, or torturing a man who claims to be Henry Gale (okay, you were right about that).

But that British accent that rolls so gently off your tongue like fluffy couscous doesn't fool me. You are a bad sonuvab****. You've just hit a string of bad luck that has lasted, oh, about 40 years.

Yes, the former torturer is himself the most tortured of our castaways, both mentally and physically (once by Rousseau and once by Dogen). That's why I'm pretty stoked that Sayid became one of The Locke Ness Monster's lieutenants in last night's episode, "Sundown." Because this guy deserves a bit of something after seeing all his love interests die (or shack up with his bro—ouch!), constantly getting kicked out of places, and being called "evil" or "an Other" by a bunch of island yokels. Oh, and he was murdered. You jerks shall be crushed beneath Sayid's boot.

And crush he did. Goodbye Dogen (if I had known you were dying, I would have asked you more questions), goodbye Lennon. You two (nothing personal) were a few of my problems with Season 6 anyway. Which brings me to this point: Sayid is a killer. He simply can't avoid it. Sure, other people have killed, but no one seems to come across killing quite like Sayid. Whether it's a side-flash, on the island, or off the island, Sayid is a killer.

While everyone is busy paying attention to the differences are between the side-flashes, I'm also concerned with what is the same. Given that the two timelines are split so far away (and using Flash-Jack's teenage son as proof that things start changing long before anyone gets on Oceanic 815), it's amazing that the characters have enough similarities between both worlds as they do. Jack has to help people and fix things. Locke is an idealist. Kate is constantly running from something. And Sayid is a killer. And a pretty darned good one, at that.

And the new Sayid is a perfect ally for "Smocke." He's a broken, desperate man who just so happens to be skilled at ending lives. So he's been "infected" by Smocke, who is making more deals than the devil, and has been promised whatever he wants in return for his service—which he says is "what died in his arms." We're supposed to believe it's Nadia, but could it also be Shannon? Or, you kinky man, could it be both?

Claire, apparently, is also infected—whatever that means—and made a similar deal with UnLocke regarding Aaron. I think it's safe to assume that Claire, like Sayid, died (back at the Others' camp when her house blew up) and was somehow brought back to life by Smocke, then made a deal with him when he appeared as Christian Shephard. I guess that's how Ole Smokey rolls. Find someone dead, bring 'em back, and recruit 'em.

And now he's rolling with an army. (By the way, were his other troops from the beach or were they temple residents who converted? I may have missed where they came from). We've always been led to believe that a giant war is coming, and that various sides had to assemble armies: First it was Jack and Locke, then it was Ben and Widmore, and now it's Jacob and Man in Black.

Here's hoping that we've seen the last of the temple and its Pirates of Penzance inhabitants. I was never comfortable with the whole thing; it just never seemed... Lost. We've spent seasons breaking down reasonable scientific explanations for the show, but the temple was all about hoodoo magic, giant hourglasses, and magic water. Consider me a Man of Science. It just seemed out of place.

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But even with all this supernatural mumbo-jumbo and action and throat-slicing, we still don't have a good idea of what's taking shape. And I'm constantly hearing from people that they're tuning out as a result. I totally see what they're saying—this season is undergoing some purposeful meandering. And I know there's a reason for the show moving in the direction it is, but at the moment it's simply moving sideways... and that's pretty taxing. Every season of Lost goes through a point where all the pieces have to be positioned, and I hope that's what's going on right now. So to those of you who find yourselves texting or checking e-mail during the show, I don't blame you, but get ready to go back to giving it your undivided attention.

One thing that certainly left people riveted to last night's episode was the fight between Sayid and Dogen. Lost has had some epic fights over its run, and that was surely near the top. But for me, it was only the third best fight:

3. Dogen vs. Sayid (Season 6): Great use of improvisational weapons, and multiple instances when we thought the fight ended but it didn't.

2. Keamy vs. Sayid (Season 4): Keamy had been set up as the big bad mercenary all season long, and Sayid was our best guy.

1. Juliet vs. Kate (Season 3): Juliet and Kate handcuffed and fighting? In the rain? This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Other notes on the episode:

... Martin Keamy does a great Christopher Walken impression. I though I was watching True Romance for a second there.

... Did anyone else get to the point where they were thinking, "I miss Sawyer!"? Because I sure did. Two weeks with no Sawyer is a bit much to stomach.

... How do you think Matthew Fox felt about having to come into work simply to shoot a scene where he walks down a hallway? Sure, they could have shot it before, but I guess the idea is, did they throw that in there just to give us something to talk about? I'm getting pretty tired of that.

... Why waste the brilliant talent of composer Michael Giacchino by using "Catch a Falling Star" at the end of the episode? I was reminded of those overly-cheesy Joss Whedon moments from Dollhouse. I can't remember another instance in which Lost chose a song and used it like that. We're used to hearing ditties come from record players or car radios.

... Will Sun ever say anything that isn't some variation of "Have you seen my husband?"

User contribution news
We discussed trying to figure out what the "infection" was last week, and for the most part, a lot of that was answered in last night's episode. Whether its medical or mystical, it's simply a term they use for those under the influence of Smocke. As for who's coming to the island, we still need to figure that out. A couple shots in the dark said it would be Desmond or Walt, but I'm thinking it's yet another new character.

But my favorite comment of last week came from Dudekotka, who said the most important thing we learned in "The Lighthouse" was where Shannon's inhaler was. Well played, sir.

The Lost Season 6 Episode Power Rankings
(I'll be keeping tabs on each episode, ranking them in terms of quality each week, right here. Your opinions will differ from mine.)

"Sundown": Lots of action in this episode, including a great fight and some good-looking Smokey slaughter. But great action does not a good episode make, and it never really stood out from the rest for me. Last week's episode did the side-flash very well, which I had hoped would be a trend moving forward, but this one didn't have that same nice conclusion at the end that reminded me of Season One. I'm definitely not left starving after "Sundown," but I'm just barely satisfied.

1. "The Substitute" Ep. 4
2. "LA X (2)" Ep. 2
3. "The Lighthouse" Ep. 5
4. "Sundown" Ep. 6
5. "LA X (1)" Ep. 1
6. "What Kate Does" Ep. 3

Your Homework:
There's something that's bothering me that I need your help on. I have heard from multiple people, people who at one point LOVED Lost, who say that they're having a hard time caring about the show anymore. I totally understand where they're coming from, as I have a little bit of that feeling in the back in my head as well. Is it simply a matter of not really knowing what's going on? Is it these new characters and locations just jumping into our party? Give me your thoughts.

Until next week, or maybe later this week, thanks for reading!

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