Lost love found

Gossip magazine Us Weekly reports that former Lost costars Ian Somerhalder and Maggie Grace are dating. The two played an ill-fated stepbrother and sister on the supernatural series.

Somerhalder and Grace have been seen together in Los Angeles, exhibiting affection for one another in public. The magazine quoted an anonymous source as saying the two lovebirds kissed and held hands while they worked out at a gym in Venice, California.

"They stay out of the limelight," the source said. "They spend a lot of time hanging out and working out together at Gold's Gym."

Somerhalder and Grace played stepsiblings in the the first season of the hit ABC series. Somerhalder's character met his untimley end in the first season, and Grace's character was killed off in season two. In a flashback sequence in the first season, it was revealed the two characters had an illicit love affair.

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