Lost pilot: Revisited

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On a fateful evening in September of 2004, thousands of viewers witnessed a moment that would change their TV landscape forever. A handsome doctor opened his eyes to find himself stranded in a steaming jungle amid the wreckage of a devastating plane crash. As he and his fellow castaways began to explore their frightening new environment, it became increasingly clear that their predicament would not be easily resolved. From rampaging polar bears to a mysterious French distress signal, things on the island were far from promising.

Though nearly everyone who watched the Lost pilot was captivated from the start, the depth and complexity of the show was not initially revealed. As the series continued, however, fans began to realize that this was not the average stranded-in-the-jungle drama. Each episode of Lost contains uncountable clues, signs, and secrets, which can be revealed only through repeated viewing and obsessive attention. All these clues undoubtedly add up to something incredible, but as the second season continues, we discover that the Lost story is even more intricate than we ever dreamed.

This past Wednesday, February 22, ABC re-aired the very first episode of Lost. For those of us who haven't been deconstructing every scene on our home DVD players, the re-airing presented an enormously valuable opportunity to look back at the beginning of this astonishing story and search for the hidden evidence we didn't know to look for the first time around.

Did you watch the re-airing of the pilot? If so, did you discover something previously unseen? Now's the time to share your findings with the rest of us, and bring us all one step closer to solving the grand mystery that is Lost.

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