Lost reigns supreme on DVD

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Lost was found on DVD last week.

Season two of the hit ABC show landed on retail shelves last week and landed at number one on the DVD sales charts. That's better than Lost: Season One, which came in at number two on the charts when it was released in September of last year.

According to VideoScan, Lost is only the second TV DVD boxed set to debut at number one on the video sales chart. Comedy Central's Chappelle's Show: Uncensored held the honor first, selling 500,000 copies on its first day in May 2005.

Season three of Lost premieres Wednesday, October 4, on ABC. The producers of the show have said they will make the third season "sexier" than the previous seasons, and to that end they hired Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro and Elizabeth Mitchell to heat things up.

The show will also air in two blocks in season three, to prevent reruns from marring the head of narrative steam that will be built up along the way.

Check out TV.com's live Lost chat on October 5 the day after the premiere. The site will have a live discussion of the premiere with a chat room open for users to participate.

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