Lost Season Six. Premiere Date. Announced.

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Everybody drop what you are doing and get out your 2010 calendar. If you don't have a calendar yet, go buy one now. Don't worry, I'll wait.

You're back! Great. Now circle February 2 in bright red ink and paste a picture of Matthew Fox in there. That's when Lost, network television's gift to quality entertainment lovers, returns for its final season.

That's slightly later than its late-January premiere date last year, but more importantly, that's on a Tuesday night, a night that has never seen old Smokey, time-travel induced nosebleeds, or Sawyer's glistening bare chest.

The move to Tuesday makes sense for ABC, which has occupied Lost's previous nights with a mostly successful new comedy block on Wednesday nights and a legitimate TV event with V on Tuesday nights (pairing it with V would seem to make sense, but no show wants to be slotted into the bloodbath that is Thursday nights). Monday will see The Bachelor swooning ratings, Sunday is locked down with Desperate Housewives, and Fridays are Fridays. So Tuesday it is.

Come February 2, Lost fans will be glued to their couches, as ABC has reserved a three-hour block for the show, from 8pm to 11pm. The first hour will be a catch-up hour, as usual, followed by a two-hour final-season premiere. We've been promised 18 hours' worth of Lost's farewell tour, and ABC has confirmed that the premiere will comprise two of those hours, instead of counting as one episode. After premiere night, Lost will air Tuesdays from 9pm to 10pm.

This puts it in direct competition with CBS' new hit NCIS: LA (or as I like to call it, NCIS: Westsiiiiiide!), but something tells me the two audiences don't really overlap and neither will suffer that much.

In other (slightly spoilerish) Lost news, executive producer Carlton Cuse made use of Twitter to confirm the return of Rebecca Mader, who played (my imaginary girlfriend) Charlotte. Cuse said, err Tweeted, "We are very happy to welcome Rebecca Mader back to Lost. Just saw some dailies of her work. Awesome."

Cuse and producing mate Damon Lindelof haven't made any effort to keep the fact that old players are returning to the show's final season a secret. But because they haven't, I'm starting to wonder if we're getting bamboozled here. Are they trying to pull one over on us? Do they want us to fall for the bait? Well let me tell you, Damon and Carlton, I'm not going to look too much further than the 57 hours I've already spent thinking about it!