Lost season three DVD dated, Blu-ray debunked

In their quest for answers, Lost fans love scouring the show for little clues thrown in by the producers. However, trying to read little bits of paper or book titles on a shelf in the hatch is almost impossible in real time. The real fans rely on the Lost DVDs for solid picture quality and--most importantly--pausing, rewinding, and slow-motion that most DVRs can't provide.

Today, Buena Vista Home Entertainment announced that Lost: The Complete Third Season--The Unexplored Experience will be released on DVD on December 11 in a seven-disc set.

In addition to all 23 episodes, there will be a slew of bonus features totaling more than six hours in length. They include a one-on-one with Matthew Fox, who plays the reluctant leader Jack Shephard, a featurette titled The World of the Others, never-before-seen flashbacks, a making-of documentary, a peek at the multitude of literary references in the show, and the usual audio commentary, deleted scenes, and bloopers. The set will carry an MSRP of $59.99.

Contrary to what some online Web sites--most sourcing The Hollywood Reporter--are reporting, a representative from BVHE told TV.com that there are currently no plans to bring season three to Blu-ray, one of the two high-definition DVD formats fighting for media supremacy (the other being HD-DVD).

Lost just wrapped up its third season and is scheduled to resume early next year.

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