Lost set for global finale

The UK premiere of Lost's last episode has been rescheduled to air at the same time as its US west coast debut.

Keen British fans will be able to watch the show's finale four days earlier than expected, when Sky1 and Sky HD air the long-awaited double-bill as a simulcast with ABC's west coast American broadcast.

Lost, The End, which was originally scheduled to air at 9pm on Friday, May 28, will now air at 5am on Monday, May 24, to coincide with its international debut.

Broadcasters in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Turkey and Canada are also replicating this timetable transmission to maximise ratings and curb illegal downloads.

Those on the east coast of the United States will get it three hours earlier, when it is broadcast at 9pm EDT (2am in the UK). This means that it will almost certainly sneak out onto the Internet shortly before its international broadcast despite the unprecedented international effort.

For those unable to stay up until 7:30am, Lost's concluding episodes will also be repeated on Sky1 and Sky1 HD at 9pm on Tuesday, May 25. Its original 9pm timeslot, the following Friday, will also be honoured, with a special two-hour long Lost documentary set to debut at 7pm.

Lost's Tuesday night repeat does mean, however, that the final episode of Fringe has been postponed. It's UK debut will now broadcast on Sky1 a week late, on Tuesday 1 June.

When will you watch the show?

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May 21, 2010
Will set an alarm for half past 4. Work at 8 oclock. So Half hour to get ready. Worth it!

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