Lost Tops the List of 2010's Most-Pirated Shows

... All you internet criminals out there who skirting legal methods of watching television that's bloated with commercials had one heck of a 2010. Torrentfreak.com has released its list of the year's most-pirated shows, and on top of the pile are Lost, Heroes, and Dexter. Click the link for the top ten. [Torrentfreak]

... Global Compliance, a research company devoted to making the workplace incredibly boring by holding employees up to certain ethical standards, has named NBC's 30 Rock the biggest violator of workplace ethics on television with an average of 11 violations per episode. Grey's Anatomy came in second with seven violations per episode, and House and CSI tied for third with six no-nos per episode. [CNN]

... Oprah launched her new network, OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network), on January 1, and it appears her many flocks of followers tuned in. OWN replaced Discovery Health on your cable dial and immediately saw a huge jump in viewership, posting a 555-percent gain from Discovery Health's numbers just four weeks ago. Take that, Discovery Health! [THR]

... Nickelodeon has renewed SpongeBob SquarePants for a ninth season, adding 26 episodes to the animated series that's been number-one among kids aged 2-11 for the last ten years. [Deadline Hollywood]

... CNN's John Roberts is leaving his post at the news network for a new position at... Fox News. Roberts had co-anchored American Morning since 2007, and will now assume the position of senior national correspondent at Fox News. This should significantly increase the number of times he's mentioned on The Daily Show. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fox is developing a comedy starring Curb Your Enthusiasm's J.B. Smoove. The untitled show would star Smoove as a blue-collar dude who's going through a divorce but can't afford to move out of the house and holes up in his family's basement instead. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was filming Gordon's Shark Bait (what!?) in Costa Rica when shark hunters threatened him and his crew at gunpoint. He also says the poachers dumped a barrel of gasoline on him and police advised him to leave the country. Costa Rica... book your vacation now! [The Sun]

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