Lost's Lingering Questions: The Internet Responds

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Aside from the show's most burning question (OMG WHO WILL KATE CHOOSE!?!?!?), several queries that Lost diehards were ready to check off their lists went unchecked on Sunday night.

What's the deal with Walt? Where was Christian's body? What the frak is the island anyway? Why the hell did I just watch six seasons of this show?

If the series' philosophical-slash-spiritual end didn't satisfy you, you aren't alone. Here's a sampling of the best the internet has to offer about Lost's remaining mysteries unanswered questions:

College Humor threw together a video that asks a series of rapid-fire questions that are partly humorous and partly legitimate.

Lostpedia has been keeping track of unanswered questions since they going unanswered. Now that the finale has aired, there are still a ton remaining.
Lostpedia: Unanswered Questions

Sci-Fi blog io9 has a report card of the questions they wanted answers to and how well the show answered them.
io9: 50 Questions Lost Needed to Answer... a report card!

The folks at Heavy.com put together a list of their ten major questions, but if you knew them already you can check out their list of the top cleavage moments from the show.
Heavy.com: Top 10 Unanswered Questions from Lost

The blog Stormicus lists its 17 biggest questions, and commenters try and makes sense of them.
Stormicus: Questions I Really Wanted Answered About Lost

A fellow at ScreenRant was brave enough to try and answer some of the nagging questions, and pretty much fails miserably.
ScreenRant: Lost Finale Explained

The sad fact is this: You're not going to get your answers to most of these questions from what we've seen. But don't worry, because Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse promise that if you spend the $40-$60 on the Season 6 DVD set, a bonus disc will answer several of the lingering questions. And that my friends, is the answer to one of the questions ("How will we get the answers!?!?") that we never wanted to hear.

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