Lost's Rodriguez chooses jail

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Michelle Rodriguez, who plays the tough-talking ex-cop Ana Lucia in the hit TV show Lost, has chosen a $162 fine and five-day stint in Hawaiian jail over 240 hours of community service.

The punishment stems from a December 2005 incident in which Rodriguez and fellow Lost star Cynthia Watros were cited for drunk driving by Hawaiian police. The two had been bar-hopping and were pulled over in separate incidents just minutes apart.

Watros pleaded guilty in January, lost her license for 90 days, and paid a $370 fine. Yesterday, Rodriguez also pleaded guilty, and chose jail time over the lengthy community service.

As she was leaving the court, Rodriguez told reporters, "I kind of have to get back to my life, go back to making some money."

After the incident, rumors circulated that Rodriguez' character was going to be killed off because the actress was hard to work with. The show had previously killed off two other characters.

Show creator J.J. Abrams squelched the rumors when he said they were "just erroneous and silliness."

Watros, who plays the character Libby on the show, recently joined the cast of a CBS sitcom pilot for next season. Now, there is speculation over whether or not her character will be killed.

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