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Lost's Writers Are Working on a New Show

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... Once upon a time, two writers helped write one of TV's biggest programs. Then the show ended and they started on a fairy-tale drama. That's what's in store for Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, two vets of ABC's Lost. The two are getting ready to pitch their show to networks, and it should be picked up in no time. Also working on the project? Damon Lindelof. [EW]

... Brett Favre and SextingPenisGate were a ratings gold mine for ESPN and Monday Night Football. 17.3 million viewers tuned in to watch Favre's Minnesota Vikings (thanks for scoring 22 points on my bench, Percy Harvin!) and the Hard Knocks Jets squabble, making it the sixth most-watched cable broadcast of all time. I'd list off the top five, but then I'd have to search through Wikipedia and that's too much work. [Multichannel]

... Whenever ABC has a hole in its schedule, it fills it with people and big balls. The network has picked up another round of Wipeout for a winter run, because nothing warms people up like watching other people break their necks. Look for winter-themed obstacles this January. [Deadline Hollywood]

... E! is getting into the housewives craze with Married to Rock, a reality show that follows the better skankier halves of rock stars like Jane's Addiction's Perry Ferrel, Guns N' Roses bass player Duff McKagan, the Cult's Billy Duffy, and guitarist-to-Billy Idol Steve Stevens. Couldn't they have come up with a better name than Married to Rock? Maybe Groupie for Life or Whore City, USA? [THR]

... Scorsese can do it, so why can't Robert De Niro? Bobby is producing a new police drama for CBS dubbed Rookies, which follows a six-pack of green cops, I'm guessing in New York. Richard Price (The Wire, The Color of Money) is writing and producing, so this could be extra good. [THR]

... The creators of The Amazing Race are working on a new program for ABC, and helping them out will be Jerry Bruckheimer. Take the Money and Run has been picked up for six episodes and features contestants trying to get away with the perfect crime. [Deadline Hollywood]

... A while back, Funny or Die sent a disguised Jewel into a karaoke bar and let her sing away in a segment called Undercover Karaoke. Now it's going to be a TBS show. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Running Wilde has tumbled down 17 percent from last week to a 1.5 rating, meaning its chances of renewal are slim. Also falling a bit was No Ordinary Family, with a ratings drop of 12 percent to a 2.3, but this should be okay for a while. [TV By the Numbers]

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