Louie Spence Presents Pineapple Dance Studios on Steroids

Eccentric performer Louie Spence has been signed to a new show dubbed "Pineapple Dance Studios on Steroids".

When the curtains first opened on Pineapple Dance Studios it was Louie Spence who stole the show. Now, with the original series canned Louie's finding his limelight elsewhere: on a new performance documentary for Sky One.

Showbusiness, the tentatively-titled showbiz series, follows Spence as he produces a West End review show. In it he welcomes appearances from his old Pineapple friends (including Andrew Stone, Mark Battershall and Laura Pye) and pays visits to the studios that propelled him into the TV mainstream.

Like Pineapple Dance Studios, this reality show will feature sporadic dance sequences and feature scores of performing hopefuls.

"This show will be Pineapple on steroids," claims Jonathan Stadlen, the executive producer of Pulse Films--the production company behind Showbusiness. "By casting our net wider we will be able to explore the showbiz world in a way that has never been done before," he added.

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Jul 13, 2010
Hands down the most annoying idiot ever to have been given his own show, 15 minutes up soon hopefully.

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