Louie Spence Should Judge Britain's Got Talent.

When we first heard that Simon Cowell was quitting Britain's Got Talent--even if only for next year's audition stages--we thought that was it for the taunting reality show. How could the TV competition continue without the aid of its most frank and ruthless judge? Then it came to us: crown Pineapple Dance Studios' flamboyant Louie Spence as his overly honest sucessor!

As blunt as he is energetic, Louie Spence is more entertaining and talented than both the remaining judges put together. Unlike Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan the experienced dancer would be picky about who he puts through. Leave it up to the former model and ex-Daily Mirror editor and we'd get more novelty acts (ahem, Kevin Cruise) than future Susan Boyles. That's why Simon's leaving after all.

According to The News of the World, Cowell intends to depart the show completely by 2012, after he launches an American X Factor, because: "Piers and Amanda take great joy in saying yes to performers they know [he] will hate but it hasn't gone down well. He's annoyed they're putting through acts that shouldn't even be on TV, let alone in the final stages of the world's leading talent contest."

Amanda and Piers would be lucky to get away with their bad judgments with Louie around. Remember when he sabotaged his colleague's cakes to win an office birthday baking competition? Less polished than Simon the spontaneous performer would refreshingly rebuff them with whatever thought first enters his head. If he disagrees we'll know, and so will the act.

Louie's used to recognising talented hopefuls and offering them advice. Not only does he regularly give Starman's front man Andrew Stone honest guidance in Pineapple Dance Studios, he's also got experience as a judge on NBC's Celebrity Circus. In contrast to Simon's rapier-tongued responses, Louie's criticisms are often softened with compliments (or at least a little dance). Isn't that just what Britain's Got Talent needs? For the sake of the contestants someone needs to ease the acts' embarrassment.

It doesn't look like we're the only ones to have this idea either. According to Metro, Stephen Mulhern, the host of Britain's Got More Talent, thinks he'd make the "perfect" replacement too. Do you agree?

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