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Lyfe: Yo, Brolin, what's going on, boss? MP3: Hey, what's up, Lyfe? How are you doing, man? Good. Right on. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I appreciate it. Thank you. So, let's talk about the new album. This is album number three. What do you got in store for us? You know, definitely classic Lyfe on the album. We're taking a couple of different routes, we did some features. We got T.I. We got Snoop, Wyclef, cats like that. And also we explored in some songs the brighter side, so we won't be always so heavy throughout the whole album. And now in terms of production, are you handling the production yourself? Do you have outside producers, or a little of both, or what? I did most of it, but Wyclef did two tracks. Some guys out of LA, The Underdogs did a track. And my new producer named Rich Keller did a track. OK. Nice. Now, this is the third solo album. The first two did really well, definitely established yourself in a good space, won you a lot of fans. This would you say that it's different, and how would you say that it's similar to the other album? The title is Lyfe Change. So, right there, it's kind of given us a vision of things being different, things being changed up. What do you think are the major differences? I think first of all it's the same... You definitely still have classic Lyfe, that message, music, music that's not disposable that you can listen to with your kid, your mother, your grandmother, and not be worried about turning down that certain word, and stuff like that. No, man, I think what is different is that I got an opportunity to explore a different side of life, you know, that different musical genre of life. Like we got some stuff that's heavy rock-influenced on there. We got some stuff that may have more melodic guitars instead of like heavy guitars, which you're used to hearing. And I just appreciate that I got the type of fans that will allow me to grow. Excellent. And then are you going to be doing a big tour once the album is out, or what? Yeah, definitely. We plan on going on tour in June. We're doing like 40 cities. And we're routing them right now. You will definitely see me out there. Cool. Now, I also wanted to ask you just, as an artist, but also just as a fan, as a music fan, what is your opinion of sort of the state of the game right now, whether it's R&B;, whether it's hip-hop, pop music? A lot of people...there's a lot of people that's complaining about stuff, but, at the same time, there's a lot of new artists that are just kind of coming out of nowhere, and doing big things. You're an established dude--do you feel like the music game is in a good place right now, or what? Ummm, you know... I definitely think that the one thing that's going to be consistent beyond the music is going to be change. So, I don't think people need to complain about this change. We're supposed to be the creative force in the world. I think that we should find new creative ways to say what we're trying to say.

On some fronts, there's music in general, I think, that a lot of people take for granted, this freedom of speech thing. A lot of people say things. Like I heard Flo Rida said that he paid to get on the radio, you know, stuff like that, man. And I think that...regardless if what you say is true, or regardless if what you say is false, I think that you need to just like, you can say what you want to say, I think you need to censor yourself, too. You know what I'm saying? Because there's other people that's listening like these kids out here, you know?
Totally. I hear you, man. Obviously, you've got a lot of fans out there. The first album was platinum. The second album was gold. There are so many people out there just audiencewise, but there's also, it seems like more than ever, everybody wants to be an artist. Everybody wants to get their shine on, whether they want to be a rapper or a singer or a producer or whatnot. It seems like there's a lot of people that should just be kind of content being fans. Because it's so easy to make music nowadays, a lot of people that just think they can just kind of do it.

For the people out there that haven't actually, aren't that familiar with your stuff, maybe they've heard your name, they've heard a single or two, but they don't--they haven't heard all the albums. How would you describe yourself in sort of setting yourself apart from all these other kind of generic artists that's out there?
I think what set me apart is that first of all I'm willing to take chances, and those chances being doing something that is nondisposable in the world of music. They always tell you when you're putting out a single, always try to do something that's just nonconfrontational. They say your single should always be idiot music. [Laughs.] Right. That's what they say! They say your first single should be idiot music. But I don't believe that... I don't believe that the listeners or these kids out here are idiots. I think that people just been doing something for so long, they think that it's always going to be like that, man. So, I think that's what's setting me apart, man, that I'm not making idiot music, nor will I ever make idiot music. That's what's up, man. What kind of advice would you give to the cats that look up to a person like you, and see what you're doing, and would like to be in a situation...maybe they're working on their demos, or they're banging stuff out in the home studio? You went from a guy coming out of a hectic situation into a platinum-selling artist. And what kind of advice would you give to all these youngsters that are out there that would like to follow in your footsteps? I think that they should definitely concentrate on the reasons why that they want to, first of all, follow my footsteps with this music, because one thing for sure, you don't get your blessings on the outcome of a situation. You get your blessings from your purpose. That is information.

So, here with that being said, if your purpose is right, and you put your energy into a situation, the outcome of the situation shouldn't concern or perplex you that much, because you know the reasons why you've been doing it in the first place, and in saying that, then you will definitely get as many blessings to the exact amount of energy that you put into it, you know.
No doubt. So, the album drops in April... What's the date on it? April 29th. Excellent. You got the single "Never Never Land" out now. And a tour coming soon? Tour coming. We start on June 1st. We're doing 40 cities. My prediction, "Never Never Land" is going to be my biggest single yet. It's already killing the charts, man. So, we're just excited, you know? Is there anything else you'd like to say to the fans out there? Yes, sir. I got an album coming out April 29th. April 29th is the album. Right on. Well thanks a lot for taking the time, Lyfe. I appreciate it, and good luck with everything. Good luck to you, too, and thank you.

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