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Mad Love Is How I Met Your Mother's Bizarro Twin

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Let's just run down the checklist, shall we?

Set in New York City?

Eerily similar bar meet-up?

Vanilla lead male looking for love?

Voiceover by funny guy?

Attractive, Canadian girl-next-door as female lead?

Funny redhead we've always thought was unconventionally cute?

Care free, crass best friend who thinks with his penis? Check. Cast featuring American Pie alumni? Check. Veterans from two great, canceled-before-their-time comedies (Arrested Development, Freak and Geeks)? Check. Multi-camera comedy? Check. Laugh track? Check. Almost funny enough to watch again but when you really think about it not actually that great of a show? Check.

What did you think of Monday's premiere? Did you notice all the similarities between Mad Love and How I Met Your Mother?

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