Mad Men Episode Description Quiz: The Answers

Here's the key to our Mad Men synopsis quiz! The correct answers are in blue and bold


A. Changes at Sterling Cooper affect Pete and Ken. Don and Sal go on a business trip. (S03E01: "Out of Town")

B. Betty and Don deal with Sally.  Pete pursues a new angle in business. Betty has a strange dream. (S03E05: "The Fog")

C. Don takes a meeting.

D. Don meets with an impressive candidate. Peggy second guesses her taste in men. Pete makes big career decisions. (S03E12: "The Grown-Ups")


A. Don takes a trip. Joan has scheduling problems. Don and Lane get to know each other a little better. (S04E03: "The Good News")

B. Joan and Peggy deal with hijinx in the office. (S04E08: "The Summer Man")

C. Don runs into someone from his past. Joan makes a decision, and Roger gives Peggy extra work. (S05E4: "Mystery Date")

D. Roger has dinner with a client. 


A. Betty throws a tantrum.

B. Don clashes with a client. Pete entertains a guest. Peggy struggles to motivate the staff. (S06E03: "The Collaborators")

C. Don's challenged by a pitch, Peggy contemplates a trip, and Joan entertains an idea. (S05E11: "The Other Woman")

D. Paul hosts a party at his apartment and introduces someone special to his Sterling Cooper colleagues. Peggy visits her family for dinner. Despite a conflict of interest, the Sterling Cooper agency aggressively pursues an airline account and Duck attempts to appeal to the client using an unorthodox approach. (S02E02: "Flight 1")


A. Don has a problem. (S06E13: "In Care Of")

B. Sally strikes up an interesting friendship.

C. Freddy Rumsen disappoints his team during a pitch. Pete finds an opportunity at the office to exploit while Don proves his loyalty to an old friend. Betty finds a welcome distraction in Sara Beth. (S02E09: "Six Month Leave")

D. Roger is plagued by a recurring dream. Joan goes to the beach. (S06E09: "The Better Half")


A. Pete Campbell oversteps the mark when he pitches an idea for ad campaign to the head of Bethlehem Steel without telling Don Draper. Draper wants him fired but learns a lesson in corporate politics. Pete's wife wants to buy a Manhattan apartment but he has to approach his cold and distant parents for a loan. His in-laws are more forthcoming. Betty Draper finally meets her new divorcee-neighbor. Don meets Rachel Menken, the head of Menken Department Stores. They don't exactly hit it off at their first meeting and has to go out of his way to mend fences. (S01E04: "New Amsterdam")

B. Pete makes a discovery.

C. Don's challenged by a pitch, Peggy contemplates a trip, and Joan entertains an idea. (S05E11: "The Other Woman")

D. Opportunity arises for Don and Peggy. (S04E13: "Tomorrowland")

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