Mad Men Q&A: John Slattery on Directing and the JFK Assassination Episode (VIDEO)

We continue our Mad Men interview series with this conversation with John Slattery, who plays the witty, womanizing scene-stealer, Roger Sterling. Slattery has directed two episodes of Mad Men—Season 4’s “Blowing Smoke” and “The Rejected”—and already has another in the can for Season 5, "Signal 30," scheduled to air on April 15. We asked him to talk about the experience of getting behind the camera, as well as his recollections about “The Grown Ups,” the series' JFK assassination episode.

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Mar 23, 2012
In yesterdays interview, Vincent Kartheiser said he can easily walk down the street with no one even batting an eye. Somehow I don't think John Slattery could pull that off.