Mad Men's Sixth Season Has a Premiere Date

The last time we saw Mad Men, ummm... okay, I don't watch Mad Men and hey, that's my loss. But ambiguity, subtlety, and whatever Don Draper thinks is love will return with the show's sixth (and likely penultimate) season on April 7, AMC announced today. The season premiere will be a two-hour monster and start at 9pm before the series settles into its regular 10pm slot in the following weeks.

The first episode will be written by Mad Men creator and tough negotiator Matthew Wiener, and the second episode will be directed by handsome series star Jon Hamm. But beyond that, you're pretty much on your own for details as Weiner and AMC are staying quiet on the specifics.

What year will Season 6 be set in? What historical events will be happening in the background? How far into the future will the show skip? What hot tail will Draper be draping? As soon as I find out the details, I'll let you know (unless I'm busy playing Halo 4 or clipping my fingernails or something).

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