Made in China: The Office?

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... Slaving away at a cubicle while your boneheaded boss makes ten times as much as you do and your co-workers annoy the crap out of you apparently isn't just an American or British thing. The Office creator Ricky Gervais announced on his blog that he is developing a third version of his show... for China. The lead poisoning episode should be hilarious. [NY Post]

... British series Spooks (aka MI-5) is the latest show to get Americanized. ABC is said to be close to finalizing a deal for the rights to the show, about super spies that deal with terrorism and all that. It's supposed to be a great show, and I'm sure ABC will take everything that was good about it and throw it in the garbage. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Actor Neal McDonough got kicked off of ABC's Scoundrels because he wasn't willing to film a sex scene. Why? Because he's a devout Catholic and doing so is against his beliefs. Whatever, said ABC, and they fired his church-y ass. So badass McDonough gave them the pious equivalent of the finger and started his own project that he can star in: Vigilante Priest! Starz has picked up the project, about an ex-cop turned priest who cleans up the streets "one sinner at a time." Awww yeah. Let's hear it for principles! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Heroes actor Masi Oka has signed on to guest star on CBS' Hawaii Five-0 as Oahu's coroner. He'll first pop up in the fourth episode, but given the fact that people will be dying, he could return. D.L. Hughley will also show up as an inmate in the show's third episode. [TV Guide]

... The third season of Merlin has been picked up by Syfy. Get your 20-sided dice ready! [Syfy, via press release]

... American Idol has a back-up plan if this whole Jennifer Lopez thing doesn't work out: Shania Twain. TMZ reports that producers will pursue Twain when if they can't compromise with Queen Jennifer and her ridiculous demands. Meanwhile, Kara DioGuardi is staring at her phone, waiting for it to ring.[TMZ]

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