Magic City Exclusive Clip: Vera and Meg Have an Icy Little Chat (VIDEO)

We're nearly three weeks in to Magic City's second season, and based on the official synopsis for tonight's episode, "Adapt or Die," Ike is proabably spending today packing for a trip to Havana, where his agenda involves retrieving Maria's ashes and launching his plan to oust Ben. Vera, meanwhile, is exhausted from all the dance-rehearsaling she's been doing, and Stevie thinks he's got a (chemical) solution that might help her out. But it looks like there's some family drama on the menu as well, as you can see in the clip below, which features an icy round of chit-chat between Vera and Meg:

Ouch. "We try to keep our values." "She's MY daughter now." Tell us how you really feel, Vera. 

Have you been watching Magic City? What do you think of Season 2 so far?

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