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Magic City: Watch an Exclusive Clip from This Week's Episode

Those of you who've been keeping up with our coverage of Starz's Magic City know that some of the denizens of the Miramar Playa are getting increasingly desperate. And after watching this exclusive-to-TV.com clip from tonight's episode—"Who's The Horse and Who's the Rider?—it looks like that trend will continue. More specifically: Remember that stack of missing Polaroids of Lily and Stevie all nekkid and that pesky little extortion note for $20,000? It appears that both items will be making an appearance this evening:

Magic City airs tonight at 10pm on Starz.

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Stevie is a Dead man!!! All in the name of pussy,happens every time. When will we learn?
Cool. I bet Stevie won't be able to get out of this without the help of good ol' daddy...

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