Magic City's Finale Does the Jailhouse Rock

Magic City S01E08: "Time and Tide"

What would you say is one of the worst potential times to get arrested for murder? I mean, in theory any time is a bad time, but when you're in the middle of a presentation to CBS that might just save your livelihood after you blew it all on a bad bet...that’s up there right?

It was during such a presentation that Ike Evans’ luck, charm, and resources finally ran out. DA Klein quite literally tortured Judi Silver into implicating Ike in the murder of Jimmy Shoes and armed with her testimony and Jimmy’s waterlogged car, he stormed the Miramar Playa and took the king away in chains. Despite the ominous implications of Ike’s arrest, I was definitely giggling at the antics of his loyal employees as he was led out, with the hotel photographer intercepting the press and the doorman tripping Klein.

When Ben Diamond inevitably learned of Ike’s arrest, he settled into his poolside deck chair proclaiming, “The king is dead. Long live the king.” That, coupled with the tumultuous attack on Judi Silver by Ben’s goon...only to have Judi saved by Ben’s OTHER goon, one of Klein’s entourage...I smell a set-up. Or at the very least, Diamond seemed to have washed his hands of his responsibility for Ike’s freedom. I mean, I like Judi too, Ike, but if you’d have just let Ben waste her when he wanted to, you wouldn’t be in this mess.

Ike wasn’t the only Evans man in captivity at the end of “Time and Tide,” but at least he was aware of his cage. Stevie ransacked Divin’ Dave’s boat in the opening scenes of the finale looking for the infamous pornaroids. I love that he just went in there and started trashing the place with his bare hands, getting his prints everywhere and even pausing to take a few puffs from a discarded roach in Dave’s ashtray. You know that scene in Titanic where Rose jumped back onto the sinking ship after Jack finally parked her in a lifeboat? It was all very romantic and tragic and Jack was smooshing her face and saying, “You’re stupid, Rose! You’re so stupid!”

Yeah, that’s Stevie and I. Except I wouldn’t kiss him because I don’t know where that’s been. Or rather, I know EXACTLY where that’s been, and I just don’t approve.

Stevie eventually found the pictures and torched them, but remember kids, Divin’ Dave was dating a lady photographer. Apparently she had her own copies lying around and apparently, even though he was a total psycho of a boyfriend, she liked him enough to discretely drop some copies of the incriminating pictures in Ben Diamond’s mailbox. Long live the pornaroids!

Man, Ben’s face when he opened that envelope; I thought Lily was a goner. I thought she was dead on the spot and that without her gratuitous full-frontal scenes, we’d be left with nothing, NOTHING except Danny and Mercedes’ weird awkward almost-sex.

Actually, Danny and Mercedes finally copulated for real, too—in the shower, no less. No training wheels for Danny and Mercedes, they skipped right to steamy stuff. Then they joked about knocking Mercedes up. Foreshadowing? Maybe? I mean, that’s one of those things you just don’t joke about when it would be REALLY inconvenient to wind up with a bun in the oven. Like, say, when Mercedes was just about to head off for a dreamy career as a Pan Am stewardess and her dad emphatically insisted, repeatedly, that Danny would never marry her. Harsh, Victor. When has Danny ever been anything but a paragon of sweetness and morality in the Evans household?

Unless, perhaps, his experience working in the darker recesses of the Evans Empire made Victor concerned for the safety of his daughter in the event that she could become a part of the family? Would you want your only child marrying into a maybe-mob family? Sure, Danny is all goodness now, but you know who else was the golden child of his family, the one who got out of the life, who was going to be “legit” (for the first movie anyway) but when push came to shove, sided with the family?

Michael. Freaking. Corleone.

Don’t do it, Magic City. Don’t you turn my Danny into a villain.

Anyway, clearly, I misunderstood the depravity of Ben Diamond. Sure, he flirted with the idea of drowning Lily in the pool, but why creep on one poor helpless mortal when you can creep on two? Now he has a complete set! He hid upstairs behind the God Window and made Lily call Stevie and beg him to come over to Diamond’s Den o’ Sin, then totally watched Stevie bang his wife. That’s so skeevy. I need a shower. I need five showers.

Hey, at least those two dumbass lovebirds made it to Season 2, right? Right.

Notes (and Questions) from Beyond the Naked-Lady Window

– Vera saved the day with her seamless takeover of the botched CBS pitch. She definitely took after her husband, perking the executives’ interest by throwing them six months of free usage of the Miramar Playa, thus defeating the whole point of getting them to choose the hotel for their venue. Still, she snagged them. She saw the bigger picture and she seemed right at home in that boardroom. Is anyone else hoping for a fierce, business-savvy Vera in Season 2? She spent so much of this season being sad. I’d love to see her do something other than wallow.

– We only saw Maria Lazaro, Victor’s wife, for about 30 seconds before she was gunned down while waiting for her boat back to Florida, but holy hell that was devastating. That was terrible. She had the cross that Victor told his contact to give her and everything, and I had my doubts about that guy. I thought that possibly he was scamming Victor or something, but SHE HAD THE CROSS. She was coming home...and something just went wrong. We didn’t see the woman throughout the entire series, she had, like, one line before she died, and it KILLED me. Good job, Magic City writers, good freaking job.

– Klein admitted to Ike that as much as he’d love to make an example of Ike, he’d rather have Ben. Do you think Ike will roll over on The Butcher?

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I haven't seen a single episode of Magic City, but I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the guy who plays Alby in Big Love is pretty great (I forget his name). Is Magic City worth watching?
Yes it is.
"Two dumbass lovebirds"... best description ever of Stevie and Lilly.

I really don't understand why Milla Ford gave those pictures to Diamond - I really thought she wanted to protect Stevie (hey, if you don't want to protect a guy you used to give BJs to while he droveyour car, who would you want to protect?), but I guess I just can't understand the love that can blossom between a seemingly well-adjusted woman and the abusive, black-mailing junkie she's boinking with.

Ben's reactions to Lilly's cuckolding him, though... I saw that one coming. Obviously, he was a total, grade-A Peeping Tom from the get-go, so him perving on his trophy wife getting service by a stud was the next logical step into his depravity. Good move on Lilly to calling him out on it - otherwise, Stevie and her would probably be on a permannent trip at the bottom of the sea. Man, I do understand that, as long as Ben's around, everything in Ike's life is in jeopardy, but boy would this show suffer if Diamond gets offed! Fantastic character, and Danny Huston would get a well-deserved nom for the Best Supporting Actors at next year's Emmys... if, you know, the Emmys weren't a colossal joke.

I seriously can't see how this whole mess gonna play out. Ike is in the middle of two sociopaths who would do pretty much anything to get their way, and he doesn't know anyone powerful enough to help him get rid of either one of them. Really hoping he is slick enough to get himself out of this huge rock and this very hard place he's stuck in... but, sadly, I doubt it.

The two things I'm hoping for Season 2: that the voodoo crap Vera did a while back finally starts working and she gets herself knock up with the Evan baby she's been dreaming of having; and that Danny finally step up, go directly to Victor and clearly ask Mercy's hand in marriage, 'cause, seriously, if the kid wasn't so wishy-washy, Vic would have way less problem seeing him as a proper suitor. Plus... can Danny really do any better than Mercedes? I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL!? C'mon now...

Great series; really needed more episodes for his first season; can't way for it to come back.
That was ok finale but why on earth only 8 episodes? Half predictable though with jail and not killing Lilly and Stevie right away. Of course hes not gonna kill them in the next season. they are main characters even if is cool right now to kill off main characters I don't think this will be happening here. And who's gonna radiate crazy sex appeal except Lilly? and pullin' off sex scenes (though I think it is too much, why only one Lilly takes a rap for everybody? Vera has hot body too)

Not Marcy and Danny obviously - so shameful and embarresing shower sex scene( sad( I think guy who playin' Danny is a bad actor. same expression all the time. he kinda seems pissed off of something all the time. Stevie actor though was good trashin' boat and smoking pot. nice one bro)

Happy that Judi survived and made it through next season. she's wonderful.

Ike is a mope still. he is living in a dreamworld. time to wake up! he could definately sell creep Diamond to that jerk of a law and get out of jail quickly.
Kurylenko is a too big of a star to do nude scenes in a B show. The actress playing Mercedes is Andy Garcia's daughter, so she won't either......Diamond has to be killed with his men, unless Ike wants his own family murdered.....Plot is exactly where it was in Ep1.
Great, exciting episode of Magic City, though again, MaryAnn, you've spoiled the ending by posting the title on the front page. I mean, by putting the word "jail" I knew Ike would be arrested, and that was not cool! International viewers can't see the episode when it airs, and even American ones may choose to watch it online one day later.

About the episode, I could swear Ben Diamond would kill Judi Silver, and Ike would walk scot-free at the end of the episode, so I'm glad at least that part was unexpected. I also thought Stevie's ordeal was over, and that when Ben found out about the pornaroids, he would kill the two lovebirds as soon as possible. Maybe the episode would end with them both being held at gunpoint to be executed. So I'm glad there was this twist with Ben's twisted character. But of course Ben likes to manipulate people, so that makes sense, Like a cat, he'll want to play with his prey before he kills it.

I was also caught by surprise with Mercedes's mother's death and her father's rejection of her relationship with Danny.

Season 2 looks quite promising. I can barely wait.
I really enjoyed the hotel employess stepping in too. i thought it was likely the DA or something that tipped off the photogs to the perp walk, so when they intervened i thought it was awesome.

I thought the stevie in the boat scene was pretty great. how casual he was about it even going so far as to smoke the partial joint that was left in the ashtray. immediately after which the hiding place of the photos came to him. score one for pro-pot'ers

i really like mercy and like mercy and danny together. i hope we're not short on her next season. i think you may have called it with that pregnancy bit though. what better way to keep her at home and we know they did the deed.

as painful as it was to watch judi get tortured i wanted her dead for rolling over on ike.

that whole scene in her hotel room has me guessing as to whats going on.

I had no idea it was the finale so was kinda scratching my head at the time as to why it was the most eventful episode of the season. now i know.

HMMMM... Lets just Say not bad all in all... As for as the acting goes... everyone knows what they are doing... As far as the writing goes... Writers could have done better... the basic story line is suppose to be working toward Casino Gambling... which would have bought lot more bling to the next season... whereas we only see bits and pieces here and there... if we compare it with series like Spartacus or Borgias... which are periods series in their own way... again i'd like to point out they are history... which is a set story... Personally i think they are doing better than Magic City... They could have been so much creative with the story... and given us something to look forward to... Diamond Making use of his kinky self... is not something to forward to.... its just showing a bit more skin... although... i also think they need to show lot more women being a lot more bold with... its just good for eyes... Cant say i am dying to see the next season... but will keep it on the books...
If it wasn't for the hot women, this show would s uck. It's pretty bad even with them in it.
I sincerely hope Emmy considers Danny Huston this year. For whatever stumbles this show has taken its freshman year, Huston has created a character that is so awesomely bizarre and Huston just nails this freak with such ease. He elevates every scene he appears in. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was good as Evans and Matt Ross is playing the Matt Ross character (he's so Alby and that's fine) but it seems Huston and Kurylenko are the real gold in this cast. No problem with Vera in charge. Just please don't consider her and Stevie with Ike in jail. (I would like to see "The Butcher" against Tyrion Lannister at Emmy time. Dinklage would probably win but at least Huston would make it interesting. Finish with Ron Pearlman and Dustin Clare who was excellent and of course Aaron Paul - that would be the most awesome Supporting Actor race in a while - so it will never happen because of all the boring dudes in suits but I really digress..)

Was Mercedes becoming a PanAm stewardess a little dig at the much larger budget much bigger promotion clunker from ABC that got canceled (Mercedes even looked more authentic than any of the "Pan Am" girls.)? Less money yet it still looked better.

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