Malcolm Hebden recalls holiday hell

In the soap, Norris has been lured to the Yorkshire Moors by his demented admirer Mary Taylor (Patti Clare), and begins to fear for his life when he can't get away.

In an interview with Inside Soap, Malcolm said: "I once went on holiday to Devon with three of my dearest friends, and it was absolute torture!"

He went on: "These were people I'd known all my life who just turned into monsters - and I couldn't get away. I know I could have killed them all! I had to go to see each of them afterwards to put our relationship back to where it was."

He added: "I went mental during that week in Devon with my friends, so I've lived through this."

Despite Norris's nightmare, Malcolm reckons he may still give Mary another chance, as his holiday pals remained his "dear friends" after his own unpleasant experience.

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