Malibu's most unwanted: film crews

Members of the city council of Malibu, California, are mulling over whether they should restrict the number of permits they give out each year to film and television companies. The tony beachfront community has traditionally been friendly to the film and TV industries, as many of its residents have made lucrative careers in Hollywood. Now, some members of the town are saying they've had enough of congested streets, noise--day and night--and helicopters flying overhead.

Malibu and its beaches have been integral parts of such television shows as Baywatch, The Rockford Files, and Malibu Shores. Countless music videos have been lensed under its sun-soaked sky, and the reality shows Beach House Party and The Osbournes would have been impossible without Malibu's many mansions.

If the new restrictions are approved, they would curtail the use of helicopters, ban early-morning and late-night filming, and place a limit on the number of days a site can be used as a film location. If producers of future Baywatch-type shows are forced to look elsewhere for their beach locations, Eastern European television viewers will get an entirely different idea of what America is like.

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I kind of agree with the people who live in Malibu, they don't want a lot of people on their beaches. I don't blame them.
I'm torn on this one - on the one hand, the beach is free and those rich jerks are always trying to rope off access so average people can't use it. On the other hand, film crews are a nightmare, and when they are there, average people can't use it. I think the solution is for average people to move!

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