Mark Moses Is Returning to Desperate Housewives

Mark Moses, a.k.a. Mad Men's Duck Phillips, is returning to Desperate Housewives next season to reprise his role as Paul Young, Wisteria Lane's original evildoer. Let's all channel Arrested Development's Gob for a second: Come on!

Factoring in the show's five-year fast-forward in Season 5, it's been, like, eight years since we've seen this guy. He was last spotted in Season 3, sporting an orange jumpsuit and a chummy disposition toward Mike Delfino (James Denton). We can only assume that he's since received a get-out-of-jail-free card from show creator Marc Cherry, and that his return will once again terrorize the cul-de-sac. Yawn. Or will it?

According to EW's Michael Ausiello, Cherry had considering bringing on another "vixen," a la Nicollette Sheridan's Edie Britt. So I'm crossing my fingers for Paul Young to become Wisteria Lane's next—wait for it—slut. (After all, Moses has had some recent practice playing that role.)

It's not like Paul Young can be evil anymore. Sure, the Lane thrives on drama, but at this point all the 'wives have Paul figured out. He won't pull any dangerous stunts because he can't, legally. But he sure can reinvent himself as a man-whore! And why not? Mary Alice has been gone for 11 years now. It's time for him to move on.

Plus, think of all the disgusting possibilities. Mike and Susan (Teri Hatcher) are going through a rough patch, what with Mike lying to her about being in severe debt; maybe she'll seek revenge by falling into the arms of the man Mike hates the most. I could also see Bree (Marcia Cross) and Gaby (Eva Longoria Parker) falling into his trap: We all know Bree's knack for having affairs with the wrong men—and Gaby doesn't have the best track record in that department, either. And what about Bob (Tuc Watkins), who's been lonely ever since Lee (Kevin Rahm) left him high and dry? Maybe he'll try to convince Paul to change teams for awhile. It's not like Paul would be Wisteria Lane's first switch-hitter. As long as Paul's creepy son Zach (Cody Kasch) stays wherever he is—i.e., not on Wisteria Lane—this little blast-from-the-past could be just what a worn-out show like Desperate Housewives needs.

Are you excited that Mark Moses is returning to the show? What plotlines do you think Paul Young's return will bring?

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