Marriage, dating, workplace get reality twists

At this rate, expect the future of reality television to include programs called Take my Liver, Please! and How Far Can You Launch Your Baby?. ABC and CBS have scooped up three unscripted programs that will leave plenty of people shaking their heads and wondering just how far reality TV will go.

CBS has put Arranged Marriage into production, says The Hollywood Reporter--and yes, it's all in the title. The show will pair up unlucky-in-love participants that are between the ages of 25 and 45, throw them into unholy matrimony (seriously), and follow the results. Friends and family of the participants will help choose their mates.

ABC is also tackling the subject of love with Dating in the Dark, reports The show will put potential love interests--three couples who have been "scientifically matched for compatibility"--into a house together where they will go through the courtship process with one twist: everything will be done in total darkness. Night-vision cameras will capture the toe-stubbing romance, just like they once did with Paris Hilton.

And finally CBS is exploring the reality of the workplace with Undercover Boss. The show will put the head of a corporation in disguise and set him free among his own employees to see what really goes on at work. Hint: It's a lot of Facebook.

Which of these three sounds the best (or worst) to you? Are you interested in seeing people forcibly married, getting to know each other by touch, or deceiving their employees?

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  • 10:00 pm