Mars officially axed, fans prep candy

Apparently, one miracle for the month of June was enough for the television gods.

Last week, CBS changed its decision to cancel the postapocalyptic drama Jericho after fans banded together and bombarded the network's corporate office with tons of nuts. The campaign was based on a quote from the series finale, and gave hope to fans of other recently canceled shows that they, too, could make a difference.

As Veronica Mars fans prepared to engage in a similar effort for their favorite program (see below), series creator Rob Thomas says there won't be a second resurrection.

"I'm afraid I have to report that Veronica Mars is officially dead," wrote Thomas in an e-mail to's Michael Ausiello today.

Before Thomas' fateful words, the show's future was still up in the air even though it was left off the CW's 2007-2008 programming schedule. At the CW upfronts, execs said that they would make a final decision on the show around mid-June, leaving some hope among the Mars faithful.

Thomas does insinuate that the show could live on in other media, though, and that CW shouldn't have given false hopes to fans.

"[Veronica Mars is gone] at least in TV show form," he says in the e-mail. Thomas previously said that he was considering writing a Veronica Mars film script starring the titular detective in hopes of tying up loose ends and giving the property some closure.

"I'm not sure the CW should've given the glimmer of hope," Thomas continued. "I think [CW president] Dawn Ostroff genuinely would have liked to have continued on with a version of the show, but there was too much resistance around her. At the end of the day, it would've been kinder had the band aid simply been ripped off rather peeled away in than this agonizingly slow manner."

With its life on the line, fans of the show were preparing to take a page out of the book of Jericho's supporters. Like Mars, Jericho was abandoned by CBS and presumed dead. But after fans rallied, CBS changed its mind and decided to give the show at least another half-season run.

The Web sites and the Scramble Network are working together with The Indian Foodstore to send off Mars bars and marshmallows to the CW's offices in Burbank by the truckload, in order to get the attention of executives. The campaign allegedly even exhausted the US supply of Mars bars (Mars stopped making Mars bars a few years ago and renamed it the Snickers Almond bar), forcing some to try and import the candy from the UK.

"The goal of the campaign is to renew the show for a fourth season," Gil Sery, the manager of the Save Veronica Mars campaign, told "To date we've raised $2,522, we've bought 2,040 Mars bars, $4,848 Snickers Almonds bars. Also, there's a quote from the pilot of Veronica Mars where Veronica Mars is compared to a marshmallow, so we've bought 438 pounds of marshmallows."

Sery is also asking Mars fans to go online and purchase the finale off of iTunes tomorrow, launching it into the top download of the day and show execs that there is still a great demand for the show.

"We'll take Veronica Mars in any shape or form that the CW chooses to put the show in," says Sery. "We even took out a half-page ad in The Hollywood Reporter saying [that]."

When asked about the campaign in light of Thomas saying the show was officially canceled, Sery replied, "Well Jericho was once officially canceled, too, wasn't it?"

Veronica Mars debuted in September 2004 and the series finale aired late last month. For more on Veronica Mars, read's previous coverage.