Martha Stewart "building" on buzz

Martha Stewart, recently paroled from prison after being sentenced for insider trading, is returning to television in a big way. In addition to her previously announced The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and a new cooking show, the New York Post reports she is prepping a home-renovation show.

Stewart's production company has apparently been advertising for a host for the new show. The ad claims they are looking for someone with "extensive experience and/or passion/knowledge of home renovation ...available for shooting beginning in September." The title of the show and the potential network are still up in the air.

Stewart was sent to "Camp Cupcake" women's correctional facility in 2004 after she was indicted for shady dealings when she sold stock in the medical technology company "Imclone" right before it tanked. While in prison, Martha lost weight, made friends, and generally positioned herself for a cupcake comeback. Since her release, she has charmed America by baking cookies for her shareholders and grousing about an ankle bracelet monitoring device she is supposed to wear at all times.

Home-renovation shows are very popular, including ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Trading Spaces on TLC, and the upcoming Three Wishes on NBC. No word on whether Martha's host will need to be as obnoxious as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ty Pennington.

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