Martha vs Housewives: A diva deathmatch brews!

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CBS will air Martha Behind Bars, a biopic that will chronicle Martha Stewart's life while in prison for securities fraud. Cybill Shepherd will reprise the role of Martha Stewart, whom she played in the previous film Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart. The Eye network is pitting the ex-con against the Alphabet network's biggest hit show, Desperate Housewives.

Stewart spent almost a year in a minimum security prison after she was convicted of the felony charges conspiracy to obstruct justice, make false statements, and commit perjury. Now she's paid her debt to society and is making sure she gets paid for lost time. The recently paroled domestic diva is returning to television in a big way, with a new cooking show and an Apprentice spin-off, and is writing a new cookbook with recipes she learned while in the joint.

CBS hopes a jailbird Martha will commit conspiracy to obstruct Desperate Housewives' ratings.

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