MasterChef's Mat a MasterCheat?

The Ten Network says a report that a contestant has been kicked off MasterChef Australia for smuggling a smartphone onto the hit cooking show is merely speculation.

The Herald Sun reports that Victorian contestant Mat Beyer was sent packing from MasterChef Australia two weeks ago after the show's producers caught him with the phone.

The paper says he was sent home within days of the contestants travelling to New York and the rule breach was discovered after a challenge where all cookbooks were confiscated.

The rule was designed to stop contestants accessing extra cooking information, including recipes, from the internet or emails.

The disqualification has reportedly thrown the series into disarray because there are a month of episodes left to air before he leaves.

The paper says the producers were forced to recall an eliminated contestant to fill the 24-year-old's place.

However, Ten says that the newspaper report is just speculation and has refused to comment further.

A spokesperson for MasterChef Australia's production company Fremantle Media has also refused to confirm or deny the report.

It's not the first time MasterChef Australia has been embroiled in a mobile phone controversy.

In 2009 the former girlfriend of contestant Chris Badenoch, Gemma Pritchard, claimed he used a mobile phone during one of the challenges.

Badenoch denied he had broken any MasterChef Australia rules.

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