Matt Smith Remains Doctor Who For Another Season

... Hey you wacky Doctor Who fans, good news. 14 more episodes of the sci-fi show have been ordered for next year, and Matt Smith will remain on board as the good doctor. There had been some concerns that Smith would leave the show to become a big star, but for now, he's staying put. [io9]

... Last year I made the not-too-bold prediction that Game of Thrones would become a mega-beast for HBO, and it's slowly happening. Slowly. The HBO fantasy epic reached a series high in ratings this past week, with 3.6 million viewers for its two Sunday night airings. The audience has grown 22 percent since its premiere two months ago; that doesn't happen to shows that aren't going to be successes. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC's Harry's Law's cast's (four-possessives combo!) future will look different next season, as Brittany Snow and Aml Ameen have departed the show. Apparently the decision was mutual between the actors and the producers, but how mutual could it really be if an actor is leaving a steady gig on a primetime show? Hmmmm... [TV Line]

... Bravo has picked up The Real Housewives of New Jersey for a fourth season, and will be moving the show to Sundays. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. [THR]

... Big Love actress Chloe Sevigny has signed on to a new British series from Shameless creator Paul Abbott. The new series is called Hit and Miss and has a bizarre premise. Check this out: A transgender hit man (Sevigny) discovers he/she fathered several children when he/she was a man. Wow. Sign me up. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Futurama guest voices for season 6.5 include scientist Stephen Hawking and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin! They join previously announced guest voices Patton Oswalt and Simpsons star Dan Castellaneta. [UGO]

... It must be trash day because VH1 has announced the participants for its upcoming bout of Celebrity Rehab. Looking for help in the name of fame will be Michael "Lindsay's Dad" Lohan, actress Sean Young, former MLB pitcher Dwight Gooden, Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher, former Guns n' Roses guitarist Steven Adler, actress Bai Ling, Survivor's Jessica "Sugar" Kiper, and Baywatch's Jeremy Jackson. Who wants to start a Dead Pool? [US Magazine]

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