Matthew Fox outlines Lost's final season

Some people are probably jealous of Matthew Fox's good looks, his fame and fortune, or his on-screen talent, but here at we're envious of just one thing: he is one of a handful of people who knows how Lost ends.

Lost producers and cast members have kept pretty quiet since the show's fifth-season finale aired in May, but Fox was on hand at the Monte Carlo Television Festival (videos here) and broke silence--and he had some interesting things to say (slight spoilers ahead, but nothing too spoilerific).

There's been lots of speculation about how season six will start--season five ended with Jack believing it was his destiny to detonate the Hydrogen bomb to reset events that led them to the island.

"The sixth season will start with [the answer to the destiny question], and I think it will be very surprising, and probably fairly confusing initially to the audience," Fox explained. "And I think relatively soon into the year, the two timeframes are going to be solidified into one time and we will be operating at a more linear time through the end of the series. Like a third of the way in, I would guess, we're going to get on one timeframe, and it will be very linear--no more flashbacks, nothing--it will be very linear on the island and sort of a final conflict to the end."

And if fans still thought showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were making it up as they went along, Fox says they'll become believers by the time the show ends. "All the little pieces of the puzzle that Damon and Carlton laid out and all those tracks that were laid story-wise early… at times the audience didn't have a lot of faith that they knew where they were heading with it," he said. "The show will prove that they did know all along where they were heading with it, because all those pieces will come back into play."

Jack's rivalry with John Locke isn't done, either. "I've always known that Jack and Locke will come head-to-head again in the final year and that I'll have plenty of work to do with Terry [O'Quinn]."

And what of the show's final moments? "I think the show is going to end in an incredibly powerful and very sad and beautiful way," he says. "I think it's going to be incredibly satisfying, and cathartic, and redemptive, and beautiful. Every time I talk to [Damon] it's sort of surprising how moving it is just to talk about it… we've been through a lot together, and specifically through [Fox's character Jack]."

As far as Matthew's personal life, after Lost he's planning to move to Oregon to be closer to family and get deeper into his new hobby, which is ironically flying planes. Lost will be Fox's final television project, as he wants to concentrate on film because it "gives [him] more freedom in his life."

Whoa--no more flashbacks? Linear timeline? Sounds like we're in for a no-nonsense final season! Lost begins its final season next year.

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