McCain to Letterman: "I screwed up"

It was major damage-control time last night on CBS as Senator John McCain made his much-anticipated return to The Late Show With David Letterman. The highly publicized feud between the former prisoner of war and take-no-prisoners talk-show host came to a conclusion last night, and if you missed it, you missed a humbled man. Luckily for those who didn't catch it live, we have video of the full interview right here!

The whole ruckus began late last month when McCain stood Letterman up like an ugly prom date. McCain was locked into a guest spot on Letterman's show for September 24, but canceled at the 11th hour, irking Letterman and leaving him hanging. Sources say that McCain's peeps told Dave's peeps that the senator had to return to Washington to help aid in rebuilding the crumbling economy, a somewhat understandable excuse...if it were true.

During an interview with fill-in guest Keith Olbermann, Letterman flipped over to a live feed of McCain prepping for an interview with CBS News' Katie Couric. "Need a ride to the airport?" joked Letterman. What happened over the course of the next few weeks can be put simply: Dave went off on McCain, and deservedly so.

McCain's appearance last night on The Late Show put an end to the feud, and the senator helped his reputation by making no excuses and telling Letterman flatly, "I screwed up." You won't see many politicians do that in your lifetime.

Letterman also used his leverage to get tough on McCain, pulling few punches and grilling the senator better than most so-called political journalists on subjects such as his running-mate Sarah Palin's questionable qualifications, his opponent Barack Obama, and the infamous no-show that occurred a few weeks earlier. McCain was continually apologetic about the incident, and even took a few shots at himself and his campaign strategy throughout the interview.

McCain also confirmed that his veep Sarah Palin will be appearing on Saturday Night Live this weekend, a week earlier than previously expected.

McCain was going to make it to The Late Show this time no matter what got in his way. After his plane was delayed for a few hours in Philadelphia, McCain chartered a private helicopter and took the bird in to New York City.

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  • 10:00 pm